Monday, December 06, 2010

My Coupon Notebook

"Wow! That is beautiful!"

As I stood in the isle of King Soopers (Krogers in other parts of the country), I heard a women beside me commenting on something in my grocery cart. No, it wasn't my worn out purse. Or, the faded sweater tossed over the edge.

Ahhh, it was my blue 'coupon notebook' nestled in the front part of the grocery cart and open to the 'bread' section. (Pillsbury rolls were on sale, and with my coupons I was about to get a half dozen free!)

The notebook is a WalMart back-to-school special. The 'pages' are for baseball cards holders from Target. The tabs were designed to fit my personal shopping needs in alphabetical order. Batteries-Breads-Cleaning Supplies-Juice-Laundry-Meats-Paper Products-Pasta-Pet-Rice-Toothpaste-Vegs-and so on.

The woman went on to tell me she had just started a coupon class at her church, and she was quite excited to start using coupons on a regular basis in order to save money.

As I gave her several of my homemade business cards listing my coupon blog (this one), and my email address, she promised to give one to the coupon teacher at her church. I'm looking forward to hearing from them.

While professional coupon shoppers are quite likely to be discovered in most every isle of your favorite store, each one has their individual method of storing, shopping, and organizing. The 'notebook" is just my personal preference.

My friend, Buffy, keeps her coupons sorted in boxes at home and only carries what she plan to use as she shops. Others cut out their coupons just before shopping. Some carry a few in their purse. I prefer to store all my coupons in my coupon note book and take it with me as I shop. You never know when you're going to find a close-out on something. Or, you find an unadvertised deal on laundry detergent that offers enough free Tide to last a year with coupons added to the special price. Palmalive dish soap is another frequent freebie.

Each week as new coupons are posted online or after the Sunday paper coupons come in, I search for my favorite products and cut out any coupons. I'm able to get extras at my work on Sunday, so this has been very helpful. (I do save the coupons that I don't cut out for my notebook. Sometimes I mail coupons to my kids and coupon-saving sister, Sandy.)

If you can locate a newspaper carrier in your neighborhood, stop and ask them if they have a source for the Smart Source and Red Plum coupon booklets. For a little tip each week, they might drop off extras at your house. I happen to know that hundreds of these booklets are TOSSED OUT by newspaper carriers after they insert them into their Sunday papers.

In the evenings while hubby and I watch a few of our favorite TV programs, I organize the coupons into my coupon notebook.

Each week, I search the local grocery store weekly deals (including Walgreens and Target), to see where I want to use my coupons this week. Be forewarned, if it's a really good deal, the item will be 'off the shelf" by the day after! That's how I'm positive that there are far more serious coupon shoppers than we are aware of!

In my case, my coupon notebook includes sections for things I regularly use in my home. We live in a small apartment where space is limited, so getting 12 gallons of "free' milk is not cost effective for me. Getting 12 rolls of free tissue paper and storing them in the garage is my idea of great coupon usage. I have secret stashes of cereal (Honey-nut Cheerios for 97-cents a box is the highest I will pay), pasta, tuna, ziploc bags, popcorn, hot chocolate, bath cleaners, shampoo, pet food, and more.

I hope this helps those who are interested in using coupons. Maybe you can pick and choose how you will use your coupons. I can promise that you will never pay for toothpaste, bath tissue, dish soap, laundry detergent, or Kleenex again.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and coupons,

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coupon Hopping Once Again! October 18, 2010

We've been in Colorado (from Ohio) for going on three months now! How time flies! Today was the first day I actually took my big coupon book and went grocery shopping with a plan - and coupons!!!!

I was spoiled in Ohio because my newspaper carrier left extra coupons every Sunday. Here I have to buy the extra papers, and it's not something want to do. So, my coupons are only one or two at a time.

At Scoopers (called Kroger in Ohio), they have a 10/$10 sale this week. In order to make sure I got the minimum quantities, I put a smaller carrier in my cart and put those items in there. (You don't have to get 10 of each item, just a total of 10 of those that are in that sale.) That helped a lot for less confusion on how many of the 10/$10 I had in my cart, so I would get the free $5 at checkout AND get the reduced price for getting 10.

I tried to use my coupons also on those special cost items. I hear there is a much bigger and nicer "Kroger" close to where we live, so I'm going there next time.

At Target, I matched the store $1 coupon with a manufactures $1 coupon to get dark chocolate kisses for only 99-cents a bag. I like them frozen!

At Walgreens, I was very disappointed that they wouldn't take my $3 off Nieva body wash making it free. They said it was only for men's body wash. I could have gotten some for hubby for free, but he has a closet-full of body wash already! I did go ahead and get cans of black olives and jars of green olives for 99-cents each.

So, in the future I hope to give you more up-to-date coupon deals and free meals now that I'm getting back on track.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and coupons,

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We should have three coupon booklets in our paper today. For my friend, Edith, please find in the Smart Source the nice PediaSure $2 coupon and the 50-cent Irish Spring off any one coupon.

There's 75-cents off Colgate that, if doubled, provides free toothpaste.

We also like the Brush's Grillin Beans for $1 off.
75-cent V8 coupons, and $1 Softsoap.

I may order extra Mentos' $1 off so I can send a little care package to my son in South Carolina for his math students.

This is just from the Smart Source alone. I haven't looked at the Red Plum or P&G as I got up late and have to leave for work in an hour or so.

Have fun today. Enjoy the fine autumn weather! I see on Facebook from Buffy that it looks like rain in Columbus.

Take Care on the Journey,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Extra Sunday Coupons Today 9-12-10

Here in The Denver Post I found four coupon booklets today! There are two Smart Source, one Red Plum, and one called, Better at Home. Might be worth it to pick up the paper today if you don't already get it.

I hope you'll click over to my Linda's Notebook blog to keep up with the 5 W's of life in Denver.

Your friend in life and coupons,

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Before You Call...

Before you call your newspaper to complain about no Red Plum, Smart Source or P&G this Sunday (September 5, 2010), please note there are none scheduled due to the Labor Day holiday...(And my birthday. lol)

I post this because I was reaching for the phone before it dawned on me that today is one of the few Sundays the paper does not carry my favorite coupons!

What a dork! Well, I'll take the time to organize the few I have collected since our move to Denver and try to match them with this week's sales. We pretty well lost all our "pantry" with the big move. Except for paper towels and toilet paper. What more does one need in life anyway?

Hope all are enjoying nice weather and taking advantage of some happy family time together. Or, sleeping in. Or, cleaning out the garage. Or, taking long walks. Or, catching up on housework. Or, washing the car. Or, going to a local festival. Or, a cool bike ride. Or, doing something special with the kids. Or, just hanging out and catching up.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and coupons,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Blog for Great Deals

Sometimes I think I'm the lone writer/reader of this blog, so this is a link I want to save. It might be a Denver link, but it also has some great information for anyone else visiting my Good Deals and Free Meals world.


Take Care on the Journey,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Target/Coupon Website

Here in Denver, I finally started getting the Sunday newspaper but no Red Plum on either Sunday! Bummer. If anyone in the Denver area knows the deal on that, please let me know. Does the Red Plum get inserted on another day?

Here's a link for many Target deals:
HERE Thanks to

I'm still getting used to Target even though it's within walking distance to our home now. But, maybe something at that website will have a great deal for you.

I miss all of you!!!!!

Take Care on the Journey,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Update From Denver

Wow! What a difference a month makes! I'm having trouble even getting a Sunday paper's worth of coupons, much less the "extras" that I'm used to. This last Sunday, I bought two Sunday papers from a machine, and neither of them had the Smart Source or Red Plum.

I called the Denver newspaper office, and they said that coupons couldn't be guaranteed in the paper that you buy off the street. Only the home delivery. Seriously!!!! Take me back to my "coupon guaranteed" city in Ohio! I signed up for the 'home delivery' Sunday paper. They wanted me to pay for one year in advance, but I declined. Said I'd wait to see what coupons they really gave me.

I'm still trying to figure out where to get the weekly fliers for Kroger, ...err..., it's called King Soopers here, but the deals are the same. We got the fliers in today's mail, but the ads started yesterday, and I like to be a little more ahead of the game.

We live right next to a Super Target, but I never liked them in Columbus. They were too rude and picky about coupons. But, it looks like I need to forgive and forget past prejudices. ha ha

In the meantime, the pantry here is full. The garage is packed. Closets are stuffed, and I even have a stash under the bed. There's time to get my act together and move forward with continued Good Deals and Free Meals!!!!

I'll keep in touch.

Your friend and life and coupons,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lost My Coupon Fairy

For every thing there is a season...

...And it appears my golden season of free coupons has ended.

I wish my Coupon Fairies (a sweet couple), the very best as they take up different duties in the newspaper world.

They have made changes at the same time that we are making our move to Denver, so it was only a matter of time before one of us wasn't up to bat anyway.

Today, I only got one newspaper and one set of Red Plum and Smart Source. I felt lost without all those papers, and sorting and sharing!!!!

If I come across any real good deals this week, I'll let you know, but strangely, the grocery store sale bags didn't get delivered up at the mailboxes either. So I'm in the dark all the way around. I haven't seen anything from Buffy in a while either. She's been getting ready for a big marathon (running), so wish her well with that.

It's 20 days until we plan to pull out with the Penske truck for Denver. (Friday, July 30). It looks like we may have more boxes already packed than we will have left to pack!!!! Hubby and I have been working hard to stay organized and on a strict time table.

Woo Hoo!!! Sometimes it's more like Boo Hoo!!!

Stay here for updates on Good Deals and Free Meals.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and in coupons

Friday, July 02, 2010

July 4, 2010

Just in case you're on the computer instead of watching the fireworks - both in the sky and around the house with everybody HOME and in your SPACE - I thought I'd drop a line to let you know I'm alive and well.

I believe the only coupons in the Sunday paper this weekend will be the P&G, but it is a favorite for some of us, so we will hope to enjoy several copies.

My computer and my iPhone have been mysteriously losing my favorite things in the last few days. In My Favorite section of my computer, the link for all my coupons blogs has completely disappeared!!!!

I had to click on my own blog to find out what's going on in the local grocery stores.

Today, I tried a simple download of my photos from my iPhone and completely LOST every single program in my phone. I couldn't even make or receive calls. The simple message indicated in Spanish how to call for emergency - the word for emergency was in Spanish, but I understood it. That dropped my heart right down to the basement!!!

But, techno tinker that I am, I got on Google and searched for answers and programs that my iPhone needed to come alive again (iTunes 9.2), and after MANY hours at the computer, WE are up and running fine as a fiddle once again.

For those who understand these things and want slightly additional information, I think that Outlook on my computer does not save addresses, so when my iPhone does a sync, it can't reload numbers back into my phone like it's suppose to.

Many others have encountered this same problem, and are not very kind to Apple when complaining about it on the web!!!! Of course, losing 400 contacts, as some have done, is a serious injustice!

Using a suggestion I found on Google, I created an contact list on my Yahoo account and then 'instructed' my iPhone to get that information from my Yahoo account instead of Outlook.

The other problem started when I accidentally stopped my computer from downloading (or is it uploading?) (or is it upgrading) my iTunes, so when the iPhone tried to complete the sync, it had nothing to work with. (OK. I thought it was stuck and wasn't loading.)

After fixing all that, (I like to call it a 'work-around"), I gritted my teeth, plugged my iPhone into the computer and asked it to sync again. Whew. It worked. There are some little changes such as now I can use ZOOM when I take a picture on my phone. I lost my wallpaper, but simply changed it to a picture of the Rocky Mountains that I took while I was in Denver.

Back to coupons, I believe that even the managers have gone to the lake or taken a summer vacation because I haven't found many good deals around town this week. (Except for Finish at Drug Mart).

So, don't worry that you are stuck with cleaning the grill and taking out large bags of trash. You haven't missed much coupon deals, and others are glad to have you around to take care of all the little things that make for happy family time on the 4th of July.

Happy Fireworks! **** {{{{ }}}} \\\\ ****
(Not as good as Red, White and Boom, but what do you expect from a computer?) lol

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Denver Coupon Blog

This posting is personal. Because we will be MOVING to Denver, Colorado, at the end of July 2010, I want to have the link listed below to use as my coupon resource. It's called Denver Metro Moms and lists the local grocery deals using coupons.

Here's the link

If anyone knows someone living in the Denver area that would like to join us or can share more information on shopping with coupons, please direct them to my email.

Take Care on the Journey,

Friday, May 28, 2010

No Coupons May 30, 2010, and More...

Buffy has posted some good deals on her blog HERE, and she reminds us that we won't get any coupons this Sunday due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

I'm wishing everyone a happy, long, restful, weekend. May the kids be nice and quiet, and may hubby help with KP duty without being asked - or having the dish cloth thrown at him!

I'm (we are) seriously planning a life-changing event - like moving to Denver, Colorado, even though I didn't get the job I was hoping for.

As my hubby likes to say, "If you can't keep up take notes." Or, ... at least keep up with my postings here on the blog and my other blog called Linda's Notebook.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and coupons!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No Expired Coupons at Meijers!

I've complained several times because Meijer's is so picky about expired coupons. The two other grocery stores in town never even check and don't really care!

Today I found out why Meijer's always catches an expired coupon.

Yep, I was doing the self check-out and was hoping a Cheerios coupon that expired on the 15th would go through. There it was. The "EXPIRED COUPON" message came up on the computer.

So, here it is for one and all. Take it to Kroger or Giant Eagle where they are happy to accept all your coupons.

I am reminded of the famous verse inscribed on the Statue of Liberty when I think of all the hundreds of coupons in my coupon notebook. Laugh if you wish. I'm smiling!

"Bring your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010, Only One Smart Source

This is your Coupon Ghost from the future....

The Sunday paper for May 9, 2010, will only have one Smart Source. No Red Plum or P&G. This is the regular schedule, so don't worry. Next week will have both again.

Even so, the Smart Source (which I have seen already!!!) has some good coupons as usual.

The coupons include $1.50 on Pedialyte products, $2 Similac, 55-cents on Eckrich Smoked Sausage product, $2 on Earth Options by Raid, $5 Claritin, $3 Nutripals, and $5 off any Schick Hydro Razor - and this one will be on sale at Walgreens next week! Plus more, of course.

Don't forget to follow Buffy's blog (also local for Columbus, OH) blog HERE.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and in coupons,

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Link for Sunday Coupons and More...

The following link is a good place to "see" which coupons will be in all three inserts in the Sunday paper, May 2, 2010.

Click HERE and check it out.

I'm so tired I'm typing with my eyes closed!!!!
Off to bed I go.


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Link to check out coupon sales in your area

For the coupon sales in every state, click HERE and select your state, then click on different blogs where people posts the sales. You can even print coupons. Be sure to click the back arrow to print the second time.

Here in Ohio, I've printed out the Ronsoni Smart Taste (pasta) coupons from the Giant Eagle link four times from "Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring" for FREE spaghetti and macaroni.

I'm still checking out the others for this week's sales.

Head's UP. This will be a great weekend to get the Sunday paper as it should have at least three coupon inserts!!! Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G.

Happy Coupons!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Coupon Blog by My Friend, Buffy

My friend, Buffy, who got ME started using coupons has started a Coupon Blog MUCH better than mine.

This is her LINK. Please save this link.
Write it down and save it to your favorites.
Everybody loves to save money!!!

I can't copy and paste her blog here because it doesn't lay out right.
So, please click on her link and read all about it.

Thanks Buffy!

Your friend in life and in coupons,

HOME: http://goldencoupons.blogspot.comE-mail: or

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mummy Deals Link

The link below should get you a list of the coupons in Sunday's paper, plus some other good deals "MummyDeals" found around town. Enjoy.

Hey Edith, Softsoap deals at CVS this next week. Also on sale at Meijers and Krogers. :)))


Your friend in life and in coupons!

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Good Coupons Sunday, April 25, 2010, in Smart Source

You can go online to see the previews, but my coupon fairy has given me a heads-up that we will have some quality coupons in this Sunday's paper, April 25.

Eventually, these coupons will provide for free Small Steps tissue, Band-aids, Mentos, Colgate, Hershey's Bliss, Irish Spring, Palmolive, CapriSun, Ensure, Red Baron Pizza, Archway cookies, to name a few of my favs.

You can't go wrong getting the paper with the Smart Source and Red Plum this time.

There are websites where you can view a list of all the upcoming coupons. I've posted these links before, but you can also Google it.

Enjoy a beautiful summer day and those friends in the southern states, keep your eye to the sky. I hear you may be in for some strong storms.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MommyDeals Blog says Free Kroger Deals This Week

Here's the LINK to Mommy Deals. I'm sure there's more Good Deals and Free Meals at the local Kroger, but I'm off to run errands that I've put off all day. I always get good ideas and great information from this link. Save it to your favorites.

Click the link or HERE.

Happy Krogering!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

If You Crave It, I Have A Coupon For It! 100's of FREE Coupons!

Today's Smart Source and Red Plum held lots of coupons, but I only found one good sale to match them this weekend. I will save several for a time when I find good sales to match my coupons.

It looks like Kroger may have some good sales starting on Monday. Everyone has different needs and eating habits, so I usually avoid posting specific deals unless it's really FREE, because this posting goes all over the United States.

I have a "new" notebook for my coupons that I'm very happy about. (Google picture posted). It's a big, blue, zip-up style that I pulled out of the back of my closet. (Actually, hubby's closet.) The nice flannel bag that held my smaller notebook got full of holes.
I like this one better. It's easier to manage when I put it in the cart. At checkout, I can just zip it up instead of trying to poke it back into the bag. I always remember one more coupon I want as I'm checking out, and I was always pulling it back out of the bag again. I carry about 400 different kinds of coupons (and many extras of each one) when I shop!

There are 75-cent coupons in today's paper (SS 4/18) for Dole Fruit Crisps. These look like they would be excellent for lunches. They can be enjoyed hot or cold. Kroger had these on sale today for 2/$4, so with the 75-cent doubled to $1.50, they only cost 50-cents. There are two containers in each set making them only 25-cents a serving!
For pet-lovers, there's a $2 coupon for ANY size Purina ONE dry cat food. I already have tons of Purina cat food, but have cut these out in case anyone would like some.
As I was changing coupon bags, I pulled out hundreds of extra coupons that I won't use even though some of it will be free. My cupboards runnith over!!!! My closet is filled to the brim. The storage/washroom is packed to the gills!!! The freezer is stuffed!!! Many of these coupons expired on March 31, so I'm sending them to a military base in Turkey. I sent some a few weeks ago and got a nice thank-you note by email.
Come to think of it, I did hurry over to Meijer's today for the sale on Pepperidge Farm crackers and cookies even though I didn't have a coupon for them. They are my 'breakfast food'. (Sorry, all you Oatmeal, eggs and toast folks.) They are on sale this week 3/$5 or $1.66 each. They usually cost $3.99 a bag. I should go back and get a bunch for youngest son's Algebra class!!!!
I'm exhausted tonight, and still want to post on the Linda's Notebook blog, so will close this blog and open another.
Please feel free to email me with your coupon requests. It's only a postage stamp for anywhere in the USA!!!!
If you crave it, I have coupons for it. :))))
Your friend in life - and in coupons!!!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update on the DelMonte Fruit Cups I Just Posted

Having just posted that complicated process for getting FREE DelMonte fruit cups, (posting just below this one), now I discover that the Meijer mealbox isn't listing the Meijer 50-cent coupon anymore!

But, they ARE posting a coupon for PAM which is on sale and has a coupon in today's paper. (SS or RP 4/11) With the 30-cent coupon doubled AND the Meijer coupon, you should be able to get a can of PAM for $1.20.

I give up. Hubby is patiently waiting for supper. What good is all that free food if you don't feed it to the family?

Keep smiling,

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FREE DelMonte Fruit Cups at Meijer April 11-17, 2010

It takes a little work and monitoring the cashier, but the DelMonte Fruit cups are $1.99 on sale this week at Meijer. The DelMonte coupon in today's paper for 75-cents (RP 4/11) will double to $1.50 AND has a stackable coupon for 50-cents.

At our Meijer, they will only double two of the same coupons at a transaction, so if you get more than two, make it another transaction.

Also, today I noticed it didn't double the 75-cent coupon at first, but I brought it to the attention of the cashier to fix it.

Then, it didn't want to accept the Meijer 50-cent coupon as it should have. The cashier also had to apply that.

It I hadn't said something, she would have never noticed - or even cared. She seemed puzzled by coupons at all.

I shoulda gone with the older non-smiling cashier!!!

Don't forget you can actually order those 75-cent off coupons at several coupon sites including eBay and or HERE for that website. I've ordered from couponsthingsbydede several times. Great, FAST, service. A fraction of what you will pay for the product.

NEXT, if you want the extra 50-cents off meijer coupon, please go HERE to find that.
Click on the MealBox and the word "specials" to scroll for all the coupons you can add to your manufactures' coupons. You will need to print them out on your printer.

Okay, it sounds all complicated, but after you do it the first time, it will feel so good to know you can do it now... Don't give up, and please feel free to email me if any questions.

Here's to a summer full of Good Deals and Free Meals!!!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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Sunday Deal DelMonte Coupon April 11, 2010

First, if anyone knows of 75-cent Colgate coupon dates/insert, please let me know. GE has it on sale, but I can't find those coupons. Some mentioned in their blogs that it's been a long time since we had 75-cent off, but I thought we had some not too long ago. Thanks!

The best coupon deal that I found in today's paper is the DelMonte cans of fruit coupon for 40-cents off. Today is the last day of triple coupons at Kroger, but DelMonte fruit isn't on sale. The price is $1.38 a can, but even so, you can pick up a can of peaches, pears or fruit cocktail for 18-cents with the coupon! It says sugar-free, but the coupon will take with any. I already tried, and it worked.

Does anyone know of a better deal on DelMonte fruit before I use all my coupons at Kroger?

If so, email me at pantry309@yahoo so I'll get the message on my iPhone. Thanks twice!

Hubby is waiting! Gotta run for now.

Happy Sunday after Easter!

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Triple Coupons Going On At Columbus Kroger's Now

Through Sunday, April 11, 2010, Kroger stores here in Columbus, Ohio, will triple coupons up to 50-cents.

According to my coupon spies, there are no exceptional FREE deals to be found so far. But, the word is that you can get some 'great deals" with those 25-cent, 35-cent, and 50-cent coupons.

I'm under the weather with a miserable spring cold, so haven't ventured out since I got home from work.

For any of you die-hard plant-lovers in the area, a freeze warning is posting for some outlying areas, so bring out the sheets and cover up the tender plants. I've brought my Morning Glory seedlings into the house for the weekend.

Have a toasty weekend!

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

My FREE Day At K-Mart and How I Did It.

It wasn't 8 a.m., as I promised everyone here on the blog, but a little after 9 a.m. that I arrived at K-Mart this morning to check out the truth of the double coupons up to $2.

I believe I might have been the very first customer! The only lane open was the customer service desk where the serious-sounding manager informed me that, yes, coupons were being doubled up to $2..

"You can only use five coupons once per day", she announced loud enough for the entire store to hear.

I assured her that I completely understood the rules as I trotted off to see what was in the bath and body area. (The first items to sell out on double coupon day.)

After about an hour of consultation between me and my five best coupons, I headed to the cashier with one bag of Ziploc steamers, one Johnson & Johnson roll of tape, one J&J first aide kit, two sets of Rubbermaid food containers (for one coupon), and one bottle of ALL Laundry detergent - all FREE with my coupons!

At the check-out, which had two lanes open and no customers, I selected a young lady whom I thought should be fair and know the rules.

To make a long story short, (a very long story), she didn't even know that K-Mart was having double coupons, and she didn't know how to enter ANY coupons into the computer. At least she didn't know how to make any of them double!

I believe that every employee in the store came over to 'assist' her except the manager who had told me all the rules!!! I calmly but firmly explained to all present how we used coupons, and how the store should accept them.

At one point, I asked to her cancel my order, and said that I would "walk around the store" until they could make their computers double my coupons. She was happy to agree.

After she (they) finally got my order to go through with only 41-cents owned on tax, I decided to 'test the rules' they didn't seem to know anything about (except, of course, for the manager).

After putting my little bag of five items that had taken me two hours to purchase out to the car, I returned to the store and made the second purchase of five 'free' items with the second cashier, who had forgotten everything I had taught her about using coupons!

By now, I knew how to tell her to enter my Rewards Card number and how to select the right item on her computer screen. I scanned each one to make sure it 'worked"!!!!

By George! I was on a roll!!!! I had decided if they couldn't enforce their own rules, I was going to ignore the rules until someone told me to stop!

I went back to New Albany and got my coupon friend who had been anxious to try her new coupon skills with me. Together we went back and got our five free items and used my Rewards Card NINE times!!!!!

During that time, we "won" two free items which we had to redeem at the Customer Service desk. By now, it was late afternoon and the morning manager going off duty. She was giving instructions to the afternoon shift.

"Now remember, customers have to use their Rewards Card and can only use five coupons in one day. Those Reward Cards will make sure they only go through line once a day with coupons."

I waited until she said goodbye to everyone, then walked up to the desk to claim my 2 oz of Purell that I had won.

After that, my friend and I went back through line two more times.

I would have been smarter to do like a couple I saw in the line next to me. They had a half a cart full of Gillette body wash, Shampoos, razors and more. I leaned over and asked her if she knew they had a five-limit rule.

The lady said they had gone online and printed out dozens of Rewards Cards and planned to use one for each set of five items at a time. She asked me if I thought it would work.

"Not without a hassle, but it might work," I answered.

Looking back when I was done, I saw they were letting her to just that. They were ringing up five items at a time - and judging from the long line of irate customers - I suspect it was going to take a very long time.

Even though it was getting late, I had one more stop. At Meijers I got hubby's favorite cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios, for about $1 a box, and I got Warm Delights for FREE.

At the "Do It Yourself" check-out lane, I ran the Warm Delights two at a time because Meijer will only double two alike coupons in one transaction.

Check in, pay nothing, check out.
Check in, pay nothing, check out.
Check in, pay nothing, check out...

Oh, but you should have seen my husband's face when I got home.

He handled each item like it was gold.

"You mean to tell me you got all this for free?", he asked incredulously, as he eyed the bags of grocery and personal items on the table.

He was ready to get in the car and go back for more.

"Not today", I said with a yawn.

My feet hurt!

Take Care on the Journey,

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Sorry, PS to Double Coupons at K-Mart

If I didn't enjoy getting up early on my day off, I might completely skip this K-Mart coupon special going on April 4-10, 2010.

Now I find out you must have a Shopyourway rewards card to qualify for the double coupons. It only took me a minute to fill out my personal information and print out a temp card HERE, but I'll bet they let the person ahead of me go through without the card and with 20 coupons when the limit is five coupons. Then, they set the limit on me if I happen to have two coupons stuck together! I've seen that happen more than once, and it is quite frustrating.

They also jack up the prices on many items AND don't stock items that are most the popular money-savers like Pampers, and personal items. So watch out for that.

Having given you that heads-up, don't give up! Just be alert and plan ahead for what you want with those special double reward coupons.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Thursday, April 01, 2010

K-Mart Double Coupons to $2 April 4-10, 2010

Lots of FREE things at K-Mart in the coming week make it worth picking up a Sunday paper with coupons. There's also the once-a-month P&G insert in there too.

For a list of cities participating, click here .

It looks like Sandy is in luck (in Tampa), but Portland is not on the list. (Maybe you guys don't have a K-Mart in Portland?) Columbia, SC, is on the list, Philip.

K-Mart will double coupons up to $2, so if you have a $1 coupon, it's worth $2.
Likewise, 50-cent coupons are worth $1 and so forth.
If you happen to have a $2 coupon, it's worth $4, I don't know of many of those except for the razors maybe. They also say there's a limit of five coupons per day, but who's looking and who's counting except at your specific checkout.

This is where non-coupon friends and husbands come in handy!

For more information, go to or HERE. She has lots of really great deals even if you don't use coupons. Please check it out and save her site to your favorites.

Have a happy Easter, and slip on over to K-Mart while the kids are playing with the Easter eggs.

Me. I'm going to be there at 8 a.m. when the doors open. Easter eggs can sleep in!

Take Care,


Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Things With Edited Free Link

First of all, I want to apologize for not letting everyone know about Kroger triple coupons this last weekend. I didn't find out until after it started this time. Not keeping up like I should, huh? But, Kroger does run this every few weeks, so keep saving those 50-cent coupons! It usually only triples up to 50-cents. You know the Central Ohio Kroger and Giant Eagle always doubles up to 99-cents! Even those coupons that say DO NOT DOUBLE. Ha ha. That's a joke.

I've started a new job as a trainer for the computer program Epic (see my blog Linda's Notebook), that is taking a lot of time right now, but I'll try to do better here on the coupon blog to keep you posted on the good deals and free meals!

Here's a link I got in my email today that looks like something for everyone. Click HERE
I hope it works. I can't check it before I post, but you can find her blog by doing a Google search of "mummydeals".

One freebie is coffee at Dunkin Donuts every Monday morning during the Month of March. IS THIS A JOKE? THERE ARE NO MORE MONDAY MORNINGS LEFT IN THE MONTH OF MARCH.

Well, keep smiling even if you didn't get that free coffee.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Websites For Meijer, Kroger, Giant Eagle!

I've updated details about my NCLEX experience today over at Linda's Notebook.

Some of the grocery blogs where we find all the details on the best coupon deals have become outdated, so I want to post a couple new sites I found today.

For the best Meijer deals and printable coupons to match the weekly sales, try

For Kroger, Giant Eagle and other stores, try

One of my favorite 'picker-uppers" (pun intended) things to do is browse Kroger for Manager Special stickers to match my coupons and finding real cheap deals (with or without coupons) over on the discount stand near the pharmacy. Those are unadvertised specials you can find anytime you are in the store!

Keep looking up.

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A Very Big Day For Me!

For those who don't follow my personal blog, click on Linda's Notebook or HERE for some very special news.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Coupons Coming 3/14/2010 Reese Cups FREE with doubled coupons.

I've had a sneak peek at the coupons for tomorrow, and can't wait for the Sunday coupons this week!

For me, I'm collecting all the 55-cent coupons for the dark chocolate Reese candy bars for at least two of my boys who love them. (John and Philip). Hey, Philip, there will be another box of chocolates for you and your Algebra classes soon!

I also see coupons for pasta sauce, Land O Lakes butter (makes that 20 cents a container), Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals ($2 off, so that should be free), Cottonelle TP (50 cents making that free when it's on sale), Welch's Juice (75 cents off), Heinz Steak Sauce ($2 off making that free when on sale - I have several family members I give that to), and Suave body wash that most of my friends and family already have so much of. ha ha

If you want to see the list of coupons that should be out tomorrow, click HERE. (It might not be the exact same for each part of the country.)

I'll see you at the store!

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Celebrating a New Couponer

One of my friends who gets a copy of this blog each time I post, just sent me a list and photo of her great deals with coupons today! She shows a savings of 43 percent! If she gives me permission, I'll post it here.

But, no matter what, I'm so proud and happy for another sister in the circle of saving with coupons!

Cheers! Cheers!


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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Super Coupon Event At Giant Eagle Is NOT for Columbus Area

Sniff - Sniff. I called my local Giant Eagle this morning. She said the super coupon event is not for our area, but she heard it is in the Toledo area.

I do not like to waste my time. I got up early and just printed out all the good sales.

I need to find a local blog for Giant Eagle in Columbus, Ohio. Anyone know of one?

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

WOW Triple-like Coupons and FREE Stuff at Giant Eagle March 4, 2010

Hey, I'm just discovering this brand new information on a blog I follow. It says Giant Eagle will run a rare coupon special March 4-10. According to the blog, a $1 coupon is worth $2. I haven't been able to confirm that this applies to our Columbus, OH, area yet. (It's almost midnight.) I can't believe no one mentioned it before, but please go to the blog HERE and follow up for yourself

Free items (with coupon special) include No Yolk, noodles Nabisco crackers. and Crest Toothpaste. 50 cents items include tea, soft scrub, dish soap and more.

I'll be checking it out first thing in the morning. Check it out HERE.

Happy Hunting!

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

No More Sunday Paper - Free Coupons!

Very few hits on this blog means I need to get busy and post some good stuff!!!!

This weekend my coupon fairy left me DOUBLE coupon inserts, so I am one very happy coupon princess!!!! Thank-you, coupon fairies. (Mr. & Mrs.)

A sudden inspirational thought dawned on me this morning....You don't need to buy the Sunday paper to get good deals, free meals, and lots of coupons!

I'm going to post a link to the three coupon websites who place inserts into the Sunday paper. You can click on these websites and find the listed coupons you would like to use, and then email me for the coupons. If you want a larger amount of coupons for a particular product, I can lead you to a website where you can purchase them for almost nothing.

Not all sections of the country get the same coupons every week, but we can work around that.

Hope this helps as you learn to SAVE and SHOP.

Here are the links: Good Luck!

SmartSource - Most every Sunday

Red Plum - Most every Sunday

P&G - Comes out once a month. Site might be difficult to navigate.

Your Coupon Friend,

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

For Those Who Don't Get the Sunday Paper and FREE Gum Link

Here's a link to find coupons and print them out on your printer for FREE. HERE

This is for those who don't care to stock up, but want specific coupons to use next time they go shopping.

I'm delighted to say that my friend who went 'shopping' with me to learn the 'secrets' of saving with coupons and stocking up on extras, had a very successful day and is now teaching one of her friends. We're also taking advantage of Kroger triple coupons through today.

I got the coupons I ordered from eBay or HERE to get about 30 packages of Trident Layer Gum for FREE. It's free with the 75 cent coupon doubled at Kroger, Giant Eagle or Meijer. (It does cost about 5-cents a coupon plus a little postage to order extras online, but well worth it!) I don't chew gum very often as I have a partial that gets in the way, but I'll have something sweet to share with others!!!! This layered gum is NEW and the flavor lasts a long time.

Here's a link to get a coupon for free and then get it for free again at Walgreens. HERE for free gum coupon.

I sent several packages of gum to youngest son so he can share them with his students who show a good attitude and try hard in Algebra! He says they will looovvve the gum! It's also in the cutest package that others will envy. I'm not trying to sell you on the gum. All I ask is that you don't take the last one at the grocery store. Save one for me. :)

Remember, if you get one Sunday paper or find a Red Plum, Smart Source, P&G coupon insert, and you see a coupon you want more of, please e-mail me with your request. I'll mail them to you for FREE.

(How many times do I have to say FREE to convince you?)

Happy Free Stuff Shopping,
And, Happy Valentines Day

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Deals in Columbus with Triple Coupons at Kroger

Buffy sent out a list of good deals she found today at Kroger (triple coupons up to 50 cents through Sunday), and some at Meijers. Don't forget to check out the Meijer website for their coupons you can use in combination with manufacturer's coupons. Also, I might have extra coupons. Please send me an e-mail if you are looking for certain coupons.

Before I post Buffy's list, I want to tell you what a wonderful time I had today showing one of my friends how to shop with coupons at Kroger!!! She saved lots of money, and I spent only $2.

Here's a SECRET!!!! Sunday's paper will only have the Red Plum Insert. (My printed list says NO COUPONS), but it will have a Red Plum AND a coupon for Angel Soft TP, that you can use for FREE TP at Kroger. Here's the SECRET (small letters/come close).

The coupon says 6-roll, but the store has been accepting the 4-roll package on sale for 10/$10 without problems.

Here's Buffy's list:

KROGER (tripling coupons through Sunday)
1. SunnyD $1- $.25 (2/7 SS)= $.25 after tripled.
2. Chef Boyardee small microwaveable pastas $1- $.40/1 (1/10 SS- coupons says on the larger size but I used these this morning and no beeping or problems at all).
3. Lipton soup mix $1.58- $.40/1 (1/31 RP)= $.38/each
4. Lady speedstick deodorant (smaller ones) $1.79-$.50/1 (1/31 SS)= $.29/each
5. BIC razors $6.31 and they are on sale B1G1 FREE...then use a B1G1 Free coupon (1/10 SS)...means buy 1 at $6.31 and get 3 free. Cost= $1.58/each
6. Suave deodorant $1-$.50/1 (1/31 RP)= FREE
7. Hillshire Farm smoked sausage $4.39 and B1G1 Free- $1/2(1/31 RP)= $3.39/2 or $1.69/each
8. Softsoap $.88- $.35/1 (1/31 SS)= FREE
9. Hunt snack pack pudding $1- $.30/2 (1/10 SS)= $.55/each after coupon tripled.
10. Trident layers gum (new) $1.19- $.75/1 (2/7 SS)= FREE


1. Smart taste Ronzoni pasta $1.69- $.75/1 (12/6 SS)= $.19/each
2. Triedent layers gum (new) $1.49-$.75/1 (2/7 SS)= FREE
3. Aunt Millies buttertop bread- white and wheat $1- $.55/1 (1/10 SS coupon says a different variety but worked without problem on this)= FREE
4. Quaker rice cakes $1.77- $.75/1 (1/10 RP)= $.27/each
5. Welch's grape jelly $2.09- $.75/1(1/3 SS)= $.59/each
6. Hotpockets $2- $.75/1 (1/31 RP- coupon says on 'sideshots' but worked without any problem on regular hotpockets for me this morning)= $.50/each

Hope this helps!

(From Linda) Before you ask, at least until tomorrow when I might get more Red Plum coupons, I don't have any Angel Soft or Trident gum coupons left.

Happy Valentines to everyone!!!!
Your Friend in Life,

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Confirmed Kroger Triple Coupons Feb. 11-14, 2010

Click HERE for more information at

Happy Shopping With Coupons!

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Kroger Triple Coupons In The Air

Besides lots of snow flying around here in Central Ohio, there are whispers of triple coupons coming our way.

Several blogs are mentioning Kroger triple coupons coming to Ohio. I called my local Kroger tonight to ask if they had just had one that I might have missed this weekend, or if they knew of any scheduled Kroger triple coupon events here in Columbus.

The young man who checked for me said they didn't have one last weekend, and he didn't see any information about any upcoming events.

This only means that we need to keep our ear to the ground. I'll post any information that I get, but it has been awhile since we had triples in our area.

One blog said that Mansfield, Ohio, will have triple coupons up to 50 cents on February 12-14. Sometimes we don't know until we see the sign on the door.

Watch those signs and blow the whistle for us if you find one!

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Four Coupon Insert Booklets for Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010

There are lots of coupons to select from this weekend! (Sunday's paper, February 7, 2010)

Philip, see your little message further down. :-)))

I'm going to post a few that mean something to me, although everyone uses different things, and I may miss something you really like. You can e-mail me to request any coupon. PLEASE try to name the booklet AND the date, or I might not be able to find your coupon(s) even if I have them. Thanks.

Remember you can click the link on the left-hand side of this page for complete lists created by many stay-at-home moms and other men and women who do this far better than I do!

RedPlum Insert 2/7/10...

We don't have a dog anymore, but I always got FREE Chef Michael's Purina Dry Dinners with this $2 off coupon. They make a small bag that costs about $2 and usually hangs on a clip in the dog food isle. There are also lots of other Purina coupons this week.

Coffee-Mate will be FREE sometime with this 50 cent coupon when it's doubled and on sale.

A box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal can cost about 88 cents with this $1-off coupon when it's on sale at Kroger for $1.88 (or less).

Millstone Coffee has a $2-off coupon for those who use that coffee. (I don't drink coffee.)
(Sorry, JoAnn, I didn't find any Maxwell House Coffee coupons you requested.)

There's the famous $2-off coupon for ALL Laundry soap again. It says 50-oz size but everybody around here takes it for any size. I got mine for 50 cents a bottle (32 loads) last month when Giant Eagle put them in a cart at a discount for $2.50. (They were all gone before I left the store!) (And, I didn't take them all.)

Crest toothpaste will be FREE again with the 75 cents off coupon when it's on sale at Kroger and sometimes Giant Eagle. (Hey Philip, you could give away toothpaste if you run out of cookies.)

P&G Coupon Booklet 2/7/10

One-Day Pass to Sam's Club coupon. Good until February 21. I have many coupons!

$2 off on Venus razors are also on sale this week at Walgreens. Combine the two for a great deal.

$5 Clairol Haircolor Perfect 10 is good to hold for that to be on sale someplace. It usually costs about $12 a box.

$4-off Gillette Fusion Razor and $2-off Gillette body wash.

$1.50-off on Pampers. I don't use these at all, but if you do, please ask for my coupons.

Crest coupons in this booklet will get more free Crest toothpaste. (No wonder all my friends and family say, "Linda/Mom, We don't need any more toothpaste!")

Smart Source 2/7/2010

50 cents off Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner doubled at Meijers sometimes make this almost free. Those sales and the coupons sometimes combine with Meijer coupons that can be STACKED with these manufactures' coupons. THEN it's free.

NutriPal has a $3 off on one 4-pack. Don't know what this is, but suspect someone has kids that drink this.

Oh yeah, Birds Eye Steamfresh and Freshlike Vege's will be FREE with these 50 cent coupons doubled at our grocery stores. In fact, Giant Eagle has them on sale this week for $1 each making them FREE. My freezer is too full, so I'll share.

Archway cookies have a $1-off coupon, and when they are on sale for $2, we get Jim's favorite cookie snack treat for only $1. I won't share too many (if any) of these, but just know it's a great deal for those Archway consumers.

There are several Campbell's Soup coupons. Always goooood.

Theraflu $2-off. I don't need these, but can be good for someone.

Hershey's Bliss $1-off and a decent sale will make these coupons useful. Especially near Valentine's Day!

25 cents off on Sunny D will be great (but not the best coupon) if on sale for $1 each. I usually wait for the 50 cent coupon, and get it free.

$1-off on Schick Disposable Razor is also on sale this week at Walgreens and can be combined.

"G" Booklet 2/7/2010

It's a small booklet and the things I liked were the Pillsbury, Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and $1/3 General Mills coupon. I'm always looking for the best deal on Honey Nut Cheerios!.

That's it for now. Have you been over to the Dusty Angels "Linda's Notebook" blog to see all my snow pictures from this weekend? Click HERE.

Stay warm and sweet,

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finish Dishwashing Coupons

I have a bunch of these Finish coupons for $2.50 off one FINISH Quantum Powerball Tabs or Gelpacs. (Use one for each box you buy.) If anyone would like some, please email me ASAP so I can get them out to you. They expire January 31, 2010.

BTW, I need to check my stores and find out what their policy is on expired coupons. I read that some stores will take them for up to six months. That would sure be good to know! I toss hundreds at the end of every month!

Happy Dishwashing!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Free Coupons Anyone?

Today I have extras of the Smart Source and Red Plum insert booklets from the Sunday paper. January 10, 2010. I don't have time to cut out specific coupons this week. (This is the last week of school, and we have four big tests, if I'm counting correctly.)

If you will e-mail me, I'll mail them to you (or bring them to school). I have a few more of the Smart Source than the Red Plum, but I have at least five of each if not more. Please reply ASAP if you would like some. I love to share!

Take Care on the Journey,
Your Friend in Life,

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Lots of Coupons Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey, the title above is the first time I've written 2010 in 2010. WooHoo!!!!

It's official, the new Blogger does not have a working spell checker.  And, when I copy and paste from a Word document, it puts everything triple spaced.  So, bear with me as I try my best to spell correctly!

Okay, this time I have the goods to prove it!  There are five coupon inserts for the upcoming Sunday paper.  (January 3, 2010.)  I already have mine, thanks to my Very Special Coupon Fairy.  As I've looked through, there seems to be a coupon for everyone!  My suggestion is to get one Sunday  paper (99 cents at the Drug Mart where I live), and email me if you want extras of any specific coupon.  It's first-come-first-served, of course.

I love the big, brown, paper bag that Office Max inserted into the bundle for this Sunday's paper. I've used up all the bags from the last time they did this.

There's lots of Listerine and toothpaste coupons for any age.  Colgate should be free when on sale using the doubled 75-cent coupon.  $1 off on Johnson's body care products.  A 55-cent coupon for ONE package of Hefty Waste Bags.  (That got me about 10 FREE boxes last summer when Kroger put them on sale 10/$10)  $1 off two Suave Shampoo and Conditioner makes them about 30 cents each when they are on sale.  A $2 off coupon for All Laundry soap (when used with the small bottle), makes that one almost free when on sale.

Barilla Plus pasta is better for us because of the added fiber, and the $1 off coupon when you buy two packages, makes them 50 cents a box when those are on sale for 10/$10.  (You don't have to buy 10 for the sale price.)

For my chiropractor family, (Ohio Chiropractic) in New Albany, Ohio, the $1 off coupon on DiGiorno Pizza should be appreciated by Dr. Greg.  They use mostly home grown, natural, products, but I think DeGiorno Pizzza is a little treat they enjoy once in a while.  I'm sure that Dr. Heather adds her own special, natural,  flavorful touches! 

The coupon I've been waiting for the longest is the FINISH Quantum Powerball dishwashing soaps.  Check out the weekly sale at Walgreens and I think you can get it free with the in-store rebate.  For me, I watch for the Meijer sale, and get it almost free.

A funny story is that last summer I got enough (almost) free coupons to give away about 25 of those boxes of FINISH Dishwasher detergents through Pantry 309, then one night, I reached for my own, and I was completely out. I had to go buy it at full price!  So, nobody's perfect!

You can get almost free Small Steps facial tissue, paper towels and bath tissue with the $1.50 off coupon.  There's Beech-Nut baby food coupons, Cottage Cheese, Campbell's Soup, V8 Juice, and so much more.

Okay, I think I've made my point.  LOL

Today is the first day of 2010, and I have New Year's Resolutions to make and places to go!  I'm going to write down some GOALS for the New Year too, and post them by my computer.  Please don't expect to see a tiny, little, skinny, Linda Meikle, walking down the street a year from now.  But, if I'm walking down the street (or around the block), that might be in my future.

The Best of Life in 2010,
Your Friend in Life,

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