Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Websites For Meijer, Kroger, Giant Eagle!

I've updated details about my NCLEX experience today over at Linda's Notebook.

Some of the grocery blogs where we find all the details on the best coupon deals have become outdated, so I want to post a couple new sites I found today.

For the best Meijer deals and printable coupons to match the weekly sales, try http://www.mommysnacks.net

For Kroger, Giant Eagle and other stores, try http://stretchingabuckblog.com

One of my favorite 'picker-uppers" (pun intended) things to do is browse Kroger for Manager Special stickers to match my coupons and finding real cheap deals (with or without coupons) over on the discount stand near the pharmacy. Those are unadvertised specials you can find anytime you are in the store!

Keep looking up.

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