Monday, December 28, 2009

Tips From Friends

I love my friends!!!  One of them sent this tip by e-mail that I'm sharing with all.  Hopefully, it will help someone with shopping decisions.  Here's the tip:

(I) learned over the weekend that member's mark (sam's club) detergent is made by Tide. also that the Kroger Value brand chicken is Tyson chicken - Kroger buys it, they package it for them, and deliver it on the Tyson truck with the other Tyson chicken. AND ... Ross/Abbott Labs who make Similac also make all of Meijer's baby formula. Good money saving info to know.

Happy Frugal Shopping,

PS - Still haven't found the spell checker! 

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sorry, I was wrong. P&G Coupons 12/27

My sister alerted me, and when I opened our Sunday paper today, I saw a nice, big, P&G insert!!!!

It was my loss too as I cancelled the extra papers today.  So sorry, folks.  I do have the one that came with our Sunday paper, and if you really want more, I'm sure the local gas station may have extras they will give you at a nice discount this late in the day.  (Hoping you see this on Sunday.)

My sister says we have better deals all the time in Ohio than she gets in Florida anytime.

Hope your long weekend was incredible. 

If you've been reading my dustyangels blog, you will know that we have one big thankfulness that my brother-in-law survived 'the big one', a heart attack last Tuesday, December 22.  He's home now.  He says he feels better than he has in months, and considers himself a very lucky man.  Gives appreciation to his wife (my sister) for calling 9-1-1 and getting him to the hospital in time!

PS - I downloaded the new version and Blogger and can't find the spell-checker!

Take Care on Your Journey,

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

NO Coupons Dec. 26/27

No coupons, no money, and no snow. Someone should be happy, but I'm not sure who. lol

Just to remind those who might be looking for them, there will no no coupon inserts in Sunday's paper.

They say we'll get some snow on Sunday - right when everybody is headed home. Hopefully, it won't be too cold and slippery.

On January 3, there should be FOUR coupon inserts in the newspaper for us. One Smart Source, two Red Plum and one General Mills.

I'll post whatever good grocery sales I find in the grocery ads within a few hours. (Those ads are in the car, and it's COLD outside.)

Travel safe if you're out and about,


Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Deals for a New Week

Hi to my Sunday morning coupon class,

Here in Columbus, most of us couponers like to get our groceries at Kroger, Giant Eagle, and Meijers. (My sister in Tampa, Florida, shops at Publix.) At Kroger, I especially love to find a bright orange and red Manager's Special sticker on my favorite items! That's why I take time to cut out the coupons of my most-used items, and always carry them with me. You never know when you'll find those Manager's Specials. Some couponers do, and some don't. Whatever works for you is just fine.

If you are into taking more time, you can get a lot of free things at CVS and Walgreens too. Maybe when I'm out of school, I can devote more time to that area of using store incentives along with manf. coupons. In the meantime, I depend on my fellow couponers to alert me to 'unbeatable' deals there. Like, buy something for $3.99 and get a store coupon for $3.99 back!

Target and Meijer have their own coupons (online and in-store) that you can stack (use) with manufactures coupons, (DOUBLE-COUPON VALUE) but that also takes more time than I have right now, although I do try to check the online Meijer coupons to see if there are any items that I use a lot that make it worth the time and trouble. Last week would have been a great deal on Campbell's soup, but I have plenty, and I never got over there for the "stackable coupon" sale.

I do not find the Columbus Target store (near Easton) to be a friendly place for couponers. If it goes over by one penny, they won't let you use your coupon. They might have great deals, but I'll take friendly service with a smile over Target anytime.

One more important piece of information. Our local grocery stores are not on the same "sale week' schedules! Kroger starts new weekly sales on Monday. Giant Eagle starts on Thursday. Meijer starts on Sunday! So, when I post Buffy's 'best deals of the week", you need to remember which day those expire. I think I will try to post the actual date these sales are in effect for each store, to save any frustration for you.

I know on my 'sister' websites where I often go for local deals, if they don't post the posting date, I'm confused and sometimes even off by a week! I'll go to Kroger for the great sale on cereal only to find that sale went off the day before!

Right now, new weekly grocery sales are starting at Meijer today. According to the weekly grocery flyer NOT in the Sunday paper, but in those plastic bags hanging on your mailbox, Meijer has a few really great deals I want to take advantage of. Cheese is one of them. I'm sure Buffy will send her weekly expose' soon, and I'll pass that on.

Kroger sales for the week start Monday (tomorrow). And, I have through next Wednesday (December 23) to get those free Mentos at Giant Eagle (with the coupons I've collected).

As my husband likes to say, "If you can't keep up, take notes."
I always say, "Read the directions."

Take Care on the Journey,


No Coupon Inserts Dec. 20 & 29, 2009

I should have read my own schedule hanging next to the computer, but I was so sure that this wasn't December 20, and we WOULD get coupon inserts this weekend, that I collected a half dozen 'empty' ad bags from my secret collection place yesterday, AND jumped up early this morning to retrieve the Sunday paper(s)!

Boo Hoo-Hoo-Hoo. Father Time has crept up on me and ran on ahead!

Ha ha ha. It's already Ho Ho Ho time!

Well, for those who are still reading this, there is one $5 coupon in the USA Weekend that goes toward selected Hasbro games such as Monopoly, Clue, Sorry Sliders, and Pictureka. It's good until January 31, 2010. If anyone is interested. I have a few extra. Please e-mail me if you would like some of those.

Here's the
LINK for the 2010 Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G Coupon Insert Schedule. I've already printed it out and have it beside my computer for future reference.

I think I should go back to bed now! We have a checkerboard mix of snow and ice on the ground. Great for hiding tiny field mice, but no fun for making mean snowballs or building carrot-nosed snowmen.

I can't find the two 2010 calendars I bought for the New Year, nor can I find the winter stationary I bought for my Christmas Letter! (The Christmas Letter is written.) I'm usually so organized with a place for everything, and everything in it's place. It seems all my 'places for everything' have run away and hid on me.

Ho Ho Ho, Happy what-ever-you're-doing-today,


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekly Match-ups for Columbus, OH, December 14, 2009

I don't do the weekly match-ups with everything else I do. Plus, I don't think I'd be good at it, so it would take me HOURS to compile. But, here's the latest from our coupon hero, Buffy.

At Giant Eagle (through Wed.)

1. Apples $.88/lb
2. diet coke products (when you buy 4) $2/each 12pk cans or 6pk bottles
3. lean cuisine $2/each- $1/3 (9/13 RP)= $1.66/each
4. Knorr side dishes $1/each- $.60/2 (11/15 RP)= $.40/each
5. cheerios $2.50- $.55/1 ( $1.40/box or you can try this one (says for multigrain) $.75/1 ( would make them $1/box.
6. Hefty one zip storage bags $1.50- $1/2 (11/1 RP)= $1/each
7. McCormick gravy mix B1G1 Free ($1.08/each)or 2 for $1.08- $.50/2 (11/1 RP- this coupon expired 12/6 but I plan to slip it in with my stack!)= $.08/2
8. Nabisco crackers $2.50- $1/1 (11/8 SS)= $1.50/each
9. Pop secret popcorn $2/each- $1/2 (11/8 SS)= $1.50/each
10. Betty Crocker cookie mix $2/each- $.40/1 (11/15 GM)= $1.20 each
11. Nesquick single serve chocolate/strawberry milk or milkshakes $1- $.50/1 (11/1 RP)= FREE!
12. Yoplait kids yorurt 6pks $2- $.75/2 (11/8 SS)= $1.25/each or $.35/1 (11/8 SS)= $1.30/each
13. Birds Eye bagged or boxed frozen veggies $1- $.50/1 (12/6 SS)= FREE
14. Hot or lean pockets $2- $.75/1 (9/27 RP- says breakfast sandwich but works on these)= $.50/each1
5. Duracell bateries (2 pk) $1- $.75/1 (12/13 RP or 11/22 SS)= says on 4pk but I'm sure it will work on these just fine.

Kroger (good through Sun)1. Milk $1.78/gallon
2. fresh selection classic salad mix $.88/each
3. Pepsi products 12pk cans or 6pk bottles $1.99/each (when you buy 4)
4. Birds Eye frozen veggies $1- $.50/1 (12/6 SS)= FREE
5. Duncan Hines Cake mix $1- $1/2 (10/11 SS)= $.50/each
6. All laundry detergent $3.99-$2/1 (12/6 RP)= $1.99/each
7. Cantaloupe $1.508. 2 liters Pepsi products $.84

Meijer (good through Sat)

1. Kraft cheese products $1.50- $1/2 (12/6 SS)= $1/each
2. Milk $1.75/gallon
3. Tony's frozen pizza $1.99- $.50/1 (12/13 SS)=$.99/each. I heard that these are also still $1 at Kroger to make them free, but its not advertised and I haven't been there to check it out.
4. dozen eggs $.78/each
5. Betty Crocker cookie mix $1.78- $.40/1 (11/15 GM)= $.98/each
6. Nabisco crackers $1.66-$1/1 (11/8 SS)= $.66/each
7. Pepsi 2 liters $1
8. Creamette pastas $.66/each
9. Kelloggs cereals $2-$1/2 (12/13 RP)= $1.50/each and if you buy 5 you get a FREE gallon of
10. M&M's $2/bag- Meijer coupon ( for $1/2= $1.50/each

I have some extra coupons if anyone needs em' let me know. Also, I may have missed some deals, I did this really fast tonight. Buffy

Any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at This address comes up on my iPhone. If you send it to bestnurse@usa, I usually don't get it until I'm on the home computer.

Have a great day,


More Whitman's Coupons and All Detergent Coupons

I just checked, and I have at least five $2 Whitman's coupons to combine with the $4.99 sale at Drug Mart (making the sale price only $2.99). I also have many extra $1 off coupons for the Russell Stover Private Reserve boxed chocolates. They cost a little more, so I didn't get any. These are still excellent buys!

Also, note the $2 coupons off on All detergent. Sometimes they are on sale for $2.99 at Kroger. I've given out some coupons, but still have a couple extra if someone wants them, please ask. (The classmate who requested these have alredy been sent back for you.) In the past, I've purchased the detergent when it was on sale and given it away for free. But now I'm trying to teach YOU how to fish. (Smile)

Happy Fishing,


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Weekend at Pantry 309

I came home with five bags of Kroger groceries that cost me 27 cents today! That doesn't count the other great deals I got on the Russell Stover and Whitman chocolates, free Mentos, free frozen veges, and almost free Del Monte fruit. Strangely, I got free paper towels with a coupon that wasn't the right one, but the cashier took it without question, and Pantry 309 got a half dozen rolls of Brawny paper towels to share!

On the other hand, all this comparing and coupon sorting has taken most of the entire weekend!

I checked, and the Tony's Pizza was free today at Kroger with this Sunday's coupon. I got several for Pantry 309, but already have someone on her way to pick up the pizza. Lots of kids and free pizza make for a wonderful easy supper tonight.

Also, have given away some frozen veges (peas, corn, and rice) that I picked up free with coupons at Giant Eagle last night.

In addition to working on Pantry 309, I've almost completed a major paper for school for Concepts. It's already 17-pages on the subject of Healthcare Reform! I had it ready to turn in, but the instructor decided to ask us to use the most recent version of APA style, so I had to make some changes. (Thanks, Miss Denise, for your help on the new version.)

So, it's been a busy weekend! I'd love to stay home to wrap Christmas presents tomorrow and get them off in the mail. My little sister and my two sons will be missing their gifts if I don't get those packages in the mail soon!

Hold it together for two more weeks!
Keep smiling!


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great Coupon Link From Sandy

My sister, Sandy, posted a great comment a couple posts ago, but maybe some of you don't check the comments or the online website. She listed this link as being very helpful for listing the coupons that will be in the Sunday paper each week. (We all like different things.) It's a great site. Here's the link. Click HERE

Thanks Sandy.

Have a great week,


Russell Stover and Whitman Chocolates a STEAL at Drug Mart

(flickr photo)
Did you ever want to give a nice, sweet, box of chocolates at Christmas time, but found them to be cost prohibitive? For instance, the Sunday paper (12-13-09) has Russell Stover "on sale" at Walgreens for $10 a box. NOT!!!
Sit up and take notice folks! Drug Mart in Columbus, Ohio, has Russell Stover and Whitman's on sale this week for $3.99/$4.99 AND there's a $1/$2-off coupon in this Sunday's paper. That makes them only $2.99 a box.
That's not all!!! They are already gift wrapped. Tonight (Saturday night), Drug Mart was already running the sale price. I started out buying a couple boxes, but went back for more when hubby and I remembered all the folks we have trouble getting something nice for without spending too much money. The young man checking me out said there was no limit and to "help myself", so I went ahead and used all the coupons I planned to use, and didn't have to make several trips trying to look inconspicuous. ha ha
Funny thing, though. The Whitman's coupon was on the back of the Tony's pizza coupon, so I missed that at first and bought all Russell Stover. (Hubby says that's better chocolate anyway.) Now I have some extra coupons for Whitman's if anybody is interested. Just e-mail me at or .
To clarify, the Whitman's is $4.99 at Drug Mart, but the coupon is for $2 off. The Russell Stover is $3.99 and the coupon is for $1 off. That makes either of them $2.99 after the coupon.
Speaking of Tony's pizza. If Kroger still has them on sale for $1 each (small size), they would be FREE with the 50-cent coupon also in this Sunday's paper. I haven't had time to double check, but this Sunday might be the last day of the Kroger sale.

Funny hubby. He is so happy at the thought of all this dark chocolate! I promised to save him an extra box for Santa to slip under the tree.
There were lots of coupons in this Sunday's paper that I could use. (My Coupon Fairy happened to stop by a day early, but don't tell anyone.)
There were extra coupons in my 'secret place" today also. (Those are usually gone within hours of being delivered.) I attribute that to so many people out Christmas shopping this weekend, that they aren't taking time for coupons. (It does take a lot of time.)

Take time to smell the roses - and share a box of chocolates!


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Updating for Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today's Sunday paper had Smart Source and Red Plum inserts, but I didn't see any really good coupons that I use. That's not to say I wasn't happy to get those inserts because sometimes a really great deal comes along that I wasn't expecting, and I'm ready with my coupons!!!!

This week, I'm cutting out Jim's favorite margarine coupon, and Colgate toothpaste for 75 cents that doubles for free toothpaste every few weeks around here.

Mostly, I'm staying pretty busy finishing up the last few weeks of school while combining Christmas, Jim's birthday, two 'grandchildren' birthdays, and the birthday of my oldest son. All this with only a few spare pennies in my pocket.

I've applied to work (as an LPN) over the school break in order to make ends meet until I can get a good RN job within about three months! In order to do that, I have to update my resume and find the job I want to apply for! At this point, I'm open to any offers including Columbus, Ohio; Portland, Oregon, (oldest son); Florida (little sister); or Tennessee (near youngest son and favorite place to live!).

I know this isn't about coupons, but life is life, and it all makes the circle in time.

If Buffy does a weekly local posting, I'll post it here for all to enjoy.

Keep warm and stay happy,