Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Coupons for May 31, 2009

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Did you get your coupon inserts this week? Did you find any you could use? While there were fewer coupons this week than a couple weeks ago, I'm sure you found some to turn into dollar bills! Remember, if you find something that you use, save the coupon until that item is on sale. Then pull out several and use them to stock up!

And how do you get several coupons so you can stock up? Ask me, of course! (That's one way.)

I see Giant Eagle and Walgreens have Chinet paper plates on sale - and I have coupons that I saved from two weeks ago making them almost free for me! We use paper plates a lot in the summertime. (Sorry, no more extras left.)
Good couponers work fast when a plan comes together (coupons and a sale). Gotta be proactive (plan ahead) and dash to the store for the hot item while it's still on the shelf.

I hope you saved those web sites that list the best deals for the current coupons at your favorite grocery store. If not, I'll try to post some of my favorites again.
Here's one of the best. You can scroll down for most any grocery store in the USA and click on a blog that matches your part of the country. It's (sometimes it loads slowly) or HERE (might load faster).

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saved $27. Spent $2

In the last posting, I was headed to Meijer with specific coupon deals in mind. This is my report from that grocery shopping trip.

After handing the cashier $3 and getting back some change, the cashier said incredulously, "You saved 27 dollars!"

The Ragu and Chi-Chi's Salsa was free, but I only got a few, so there's more there for you. I used coupons for all the items listed in my last posting, and I headed to the store with a written plan in hand.

Ritz Crackers on sale for $2.50. I had a $1 off manufacture coupon, plus a coupon for a free box of Wheat Thins with the Ritz purchase. Plus a Meijer coupon for $1 off Ritz. (I did two of those coupon transactions). Final cost for those was 50 cents for each set. (Or, 25 cents for each box of crackers!)

Lipton Tea with two manufactures coupons for two boxes and one store coupon for $1 off two boxes, cost me 35 cents each.

I got six bottles of (free) Chi-Chi's Salsa because this is also my son's favorite! I still have Chi-Chi's coupons, but didn't want to look like a glutton. ha ha

Even though it was free with a .55 manufacture coupon and the Meijer coupon, I only got one jar of Ragu because I already used my other coupons for Ragu sauce.

With this week's coupons, I could have gotten very good deals today on butter, cheese (all kinds), meat, mayo, pop, Knorr side dishes, Nabisco cookies, and much more!

I'm not sure if I got suckered or not, but I subscribed for an extra Columbus Dispatch three days a week when supposedly other coupons come out. I can cancel by the end of the month, but for signing up, I got a $5 Meijer card that I used toward my groceries.

Someone once complained because my information about coupons wasn't specific enough. Mostly, I think one's food preference is somewhat personal, so I lean more toward providing match-ups between this week's sales and coupons that match. Then, it's up to you to choose the Good Deals and Free Meals.

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PS Regarding Columbus Round-Up From Buffy and My Shopping List

Buffy sent a PS that I'm passing on to you regarding a couple things in her round-up from yesterday.

Also, I just went to the Meijer website and printed out several in-store coupons to add with my manufacture coupons for Meijer savings. I'm headed over there to find double savings on Ragu Pasta Sauce, Knorr Rice Sides, 100 calorie Pack Oreo cookies, Ritz Crackers, Miracle Whip, Lipton Tea (for my daughter-in-law), Clorox Wipes, Meijer Organics Bread (will try it out), and possibly Del Monte Fruit Chillers.

Here's Buffy's PS... When I sent yesterday's email, I forgot to add the coupon needed for the Mars candy deal! Its a B1G1 Free coupon from the 5/17 RP. So on sale for $.33- B1G1 free= $.33/2 or $.17 each! Also, Mentos gum is on sale at Kroger for $1.11- $.55/1 (5/3 SS)= $.01 Buffy

Any questions, please ask. If you are STILL having trouble, I'll volunteer to go shopping with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (these are smiles...)

Happy Shopping,


Free Baskin-Robbins Ice-Cream Everywhere

If this link works, you can print out a BOGO (buy one/get one free) ice-cream coupon good at participating Baskin-Robbins stores.

I enjoy comments or e-mail if there's something that worked for you, or if there's a specific store or food you'd like me to check out.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Columbus Round-up From My Friend, Buffy

I've been out of town, so this list has been put together by my friend, Buffy. (She does such a good job, maybe we'll make her an honorary posting member here!) The Giant Eagle ends today and starts a new sale week tomorrow, Thursday.

Here are the deals and some good tips, from Buffy... PS If this sounds too complicated, just take one item at a time and it will get easier from there!

Ok- before I list this week's deals/matchups- a word of advice. I've found that the easiest way to do the couponing is to get a storage box (rubbermaid) storage bin that holds hanging folders. Invest in some hanging folders and file folders. Each week when you get your coupons- label a file folder with that week's date on it and put into a file. When I list match-ups I can then tell you exactly where to find the coupons being used for that week. SS= Smart Source insert. RP=Red Plum insert. B1G1= buy 1 get 1. Q=coupon. $X.XX/N means X= price off on coupon, N means number you have to purchase listed on coupon. So $1/2 means $1.00 off of two.

Second word of advice- There is a magazine called "All You" that has TONS of great coupons in it. Its worth subscribing to have it delivered if you want to make the most of the deals! Its also available at Walmart off the shelf, but just like the Sunday paper- current deals don't usually match the current issues' coupons- usually the coupons match best a few weeks later. Finally- this is a great site for ordering coupons if you need them/want them. IF you choose to use this site, please list me as your referral! Margaret Storm, email: MANY of the coupons I list below can be found at this site. It does take several days to arrive so keep that in mind when ordering! You can find the coupons you want easiest by using the "search" box on the upper right hand corner.

OK, this week: Giant Eagle ENDING TODAY:Bic Soleil razors $3.99 (ends today) $3/off coupon from 5/17/09 smart source (SS)=$.99 Combine this with the FREE BIC refill when you buy the razor coupon from the 5/3/09 SS and get both for $.99 I included most of the other deals in previous email.

MEIJER:(Again- Meijer coupons can be found here: box on right hand side, click "specials" these can be combined WITH a manufacturer coupon for each item!). Also remember meijer only doubles 2 of the same coupon per transaction so if you are using more than 2 of the exact same coupon- split your order!

1. Knorr side dishes (rices or pastas) $1.08 each- $.75/2 (5/17 RP) combined with $1/4 from Meijer coupon= $.32 for 4! (these Knorr coupons are available on the site link above)- use 2 of the $.75/2 coupons from paper combined with 1 of the $1/4 from meijer.

2. Ragu sauce $1.50 each- $.60/1 (5/17 RP)- $1/2 Meijer coupon= FREE sauce! Use 2 of the $.60/1 Q from paper combined with 1 of the $1/2 from Meijer.

3. Lipton tea bags $2.07/each- $.60/1 (5/17 RP- use 2 of these) - Meijer $1/2= $.74 for 2 boxes of tea!

4. Wishbone salad dressing $2.19 each - $.75/1 coupon ( can print 2- $1/2 Meijer coupon= $.38 for two dressings!

5. Nabisco 100 calorie packs $3.19- $1/off at - $1 meijer coupon= $1.19 not bad for us dieters! LOL

6. Ritz crackers + Wheat thins- Coupon in 5/17 SS for buy Ritz get free wheat thins)-- Ritz are $2.50 ( there were $1/off at ) plus $1/1 meijer coupon= $.50 for both boxes of Ritz and Wheat thins if you have the coupons from plus the meijer one, plus the Buy 1 get 1 coupon- I couldn't find the one on but still $1.50 for 2 boxes isn't bad.

7. Mrs. Dash spices $2.89 each- $.50/1 (5/17 SS-use two of these!)- $1/2 meijer coupon= $2.78 for two! Then use the coupon for $1/off fresh beef when you buy 2 from the same insert. I found some small steaks for $1.50 so after that coupon only paid $.50/each for the steak!

8. McCormick gril mate spices on sale for $1.66 each - $.50/1 (5/3 RP- use 3 of these) - $1/3 meijer coupon= $.99 for 3 spices! If you don't have 3 of the insert coupons, its still only going to be $.66 each with each coupon from 5/3 Red Plum.

9. Superpretzels soft pretzels (in freezer) $1.36- $.75/1 (5/10 RP)= FREE

10. Chi-Chi salsa $1- $.55/1 (5/17 SS)= FREE

11. Hidden Valley Ranch (I know some are partial to this brand!) $2.33- $1.50/2 ( - $1/2 from Meijer coupon= $1.08 for each bottle.


1. Quaker Rice cakes $1- $1/off (3/29 RP)= FREE
2. MARS candy (at checkout) $.33/each = $.17 each!!
3. Dial soap $1- $.55/1 ( = FREE (Don't forget you can hit back arrow then refresh to print 2nd copy!).

I'm sure there is more- but after my meijer trip, that was all I went in for!


12 count boxes of Poptarts $2.33/each. If you buy 5 you get a $5 Target giftcard back. Combine with $1/2 coupons (I think in the 4/5 paper- use 2) and use 5 of the target $.50/1 coupons here: to get 5 boxes for: $11.65/5- $1/2(x2)- $.50/1 (x5)-$5giftcard= $2.15 for 5 boxes of 12 ct. pop tarts!again, even if you don't have the $1/2 coupons- still a good deal at $4.15 for 5 boxes!

Finally- don't forget if you need the coupons I have listed, you can purchase most at: but keep in mind when the in-store sales end and that it may take a few days to arrive. I usually try to order as soon as I see the ads for the next week and they usually arrive just in time for me to use for that week.

So today the NEW Giant Eagle ad comes out (starts tomorrow) so I'll go through and order for that ad and they should arrive in time for me to use by next Wed. when the ad ends.

I'll do the same on Sat. or Sunday for next week's Meijer and Kroger deals.


Thanks to Buffy for all her hard work. I suspect this doesn't apply just to the Columbus, Ohio, area. ~Linda


Free Dial soap at Kroger. Thanks Buffy!

A big shout out and thanks to my friend and fellow couponier, Buffy, for alerting us by email to this coupon special at Kroger this week. (We double coupons in Columbus, Ohio). She also answered the last posting with a comment that it appears that Kroger (in Columbus), will NOT triple coupons this week.

Buffy also has done a round up of some really good coupon/store sale match ups that I will post here (later) in the next posting.

Has anyone been able to do a reprint on the Kraft coupons? I'll check it out and post that link here also. They may be gone already as I've been out of town the last couple days while this was going on.

Here's the link for the Dial coupon link for $.55 off coupon. (Make sure your printer is on.)

We just returned from a mini vacation this afternoon, so I'll have to do some more posting after supper.

Happy Shopping,


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kroger Triple Coupons This Week?

We are on the road right now, but some of my blogs are saying that Albertsons and Kroger are having triple coupons (Up to $1) this week. (Memorial weekend.) My coupons are missing me as I forgot to pick them up from the kitchen table when we left for a mini-vacation!

Buffy, if you are reading this, could you please leave a comment on this blog and let us know if this is for the Kroger in Columbus, Ohio? And, does this mean our $1 coupons are good for $2, or just coupons up to 99 cents will be doubled?.. I have several who follow this blog for local information and I'd sure not want to let my new members miss a big one!

With the coupons, there are several FREE items.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We took an extra day on the road!

Carver Creek is selling out to the riches of St. Louis, and the entire area was devastated by some tornado-looking damage. I have pictures when I return.

Take Care on the Journey,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Coupons Memorial Weekend Sunday Paper

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Having posted ALL that good information about coupons, this is just a reminder to hold off on buying this Sunday's paper for the coupons (May 24).

There won't be any coupons due to the holiday!

Sleep in on Sunday,


Target, Coupons, and Managers

(I'm on vacation, you know.)...

Many serious couponers know that sometimes we get raised eyebrows and even a few very rude cashiers or managers when we hand them a fist full of coupons. That happened to me at Target today. (I've heard that Target can be pretty stuffy about accepting coupons.)

A few days ago they accepted the $1 Bandaid coupon for small boxes of colorful Bandaids that usually cost 99 cents. (They are not trial sizes.) I was happy about that, so today I went back for a few more. (As you might recall, I plan to use them for little kid bribe gifts when I do a photo shoot next week.) I also picked up six Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits for 99 cents to put with my $1 J&J coupons for that.

Well, Target has decided (per management) that they won't accept coupons for $1 for items that cost 99 cents. (They did last week. But they 'had a meeting about coupons', according to the manager today.)

I was quietly polite although slightly embarrassed at my decision to tell them to cancel my entire order and return all my coupons to me. In the past, sweet Linda would have been too 'nice' to say anything and would have just sucked it up and paid for everything I didn't want. ha ha

My reaction was made much easier after the cashier yelled loudly across all lanes for the manager to 'help with these coupons', after which he came over and unpacked everything from my two grocery bags to determine what would take a coupon and what would not. The cashier made the comment, "You aren't using those coupons in my lane!"

I couldn't resist one little comment to the manager. I said, "I was very careful to select the right products for the coupons. Target took these last week, but the bloggers on the web have said that Target is not very coupon friendly."

On the other hand, when you use both a Target coupon and a manufactures coupon (stacking), it can sure make things pretty cheap. So, perhaps it's worth going back at a different time of day and case out a nicer cashier. LOL

Be Wise. Be Careful. Be Nice.


BOGO (Buy One - Get One Free) Link

This is link I've also had sent to my coupon e-mailbox so I can keep up with stores that are offereing BOGO items. You can always use two coupons (one for each item) for really GOOD DEALS and FREE MEALS.

BOGO Link: or HERE

More Happy shoppers!


Fred Meyer Link for Someone Special

My sister who lives in Tampa, Florida has joined the 'Club" and now saves unbelievable with coupons. My next step is to convince my children. First-born son lives in Portland, OR, so this link is for you and yours!

Save money for that family reunion vacation in September!

Happy savings,


A Good Link for Free Things and FL Publix Deals

I have signed up to get daily updates at my e-mail (do it from her website), and I have printed out quite a few good coupons for cents off and FREE things. Today I found a coupon for free frosty at Wendy's (buy one, get one free = BOGO). Remember to hit the back arrow and it will print out another one.

Here's her link:

Happy Savings,


Kraft Coupons' Link

I should have posted this sooner because many of the coupons have reached their limit, but remember that any $1 coupon will be doubled this week at most Super KMarts around the country. (I'm still trying to find out if we have any Super K-Marts in the Columbus, Ohio, area.)

Anyway, here's the link. Be prepared to print.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Super K-Mart Doubles Coupons This Week

I just read on a blog that Super K-Mart will double your coupons May 20-26, 2009. I'm not sure if regular K-Marts are included, but it's suppose to be nationwide (for the Oregon and Florida readers), Maybe someone who knows can comment?

Sometimes things there cost more, so consider if you can get the same thing at a grocery store. This is a wonderful break for those who live where the grocery stores don't double coupons!

I might go check it out anyway.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PS ... On Meijer Store

Here's a nice website that lists the best weekly sales at Meijer to combine with your coupons.

It saves me time by checking out links that have already done my homework. :)

You might have to go to her home page for future updates.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Extra Value (and Coupons) at Meijer

Well, well, well. Why didn't somebody tell me?

There's a website called the Meijer Mealbox where you can download STORE coupons that can be combined with the manufactures coupons!!!!!

Here's the link...
You have to click the word 'specials' in the mealbox on the left hand side of the page, and the coupons will come up. It's slightly complicated until you do it once, but I printed out extra coupons to combine with this week's Country Crock Butter (FREE), A1 Steak Sauce (making it FREE), Snack Pack Pudding (FREE), and Knorr Sides (making them a money-maker). There's something for everyone!

Any questions, please ask. Good luck to all.

PS - I only received two coupon requests so far this week. Bring it on! I have hundrends of coupons waiting for a good home!

Happy Hunting,

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Arby's Has Free Food Every Wednesday

For those who breeze through Arby's during your lunch break, here are some free items that Arby's offer every Wednesday. Thank-you to for posting this information on her blog.

Here's the list I copied from


May 13th - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
May 20th - Free Chocolate Malt Swirl shake with and sandwich purchase
May 27th - Free Regular Roast Beef sandwich with any soft drink purchase
June 3rd - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
June 10th - Free Roast Chicken club with any soft drink purchase
June 17th - Free Regular Sidekicker with any sandwich purchase
June 24th -Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
July 1st - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase
July 8th - Free Orange Cream Swirl shake with any sandwich purchase
July 15th - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
July 22nd - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
July 29th - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
August 5th - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
August 12th - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
August 19th - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
August 26th - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase

Happy Freebies,


Zillions of Coupons Today

(flickr photo)
Welcome to my English Professor, Denise L., whom I've added to this site posting list. Now I really must watch my p's and q's! (I can't find my notes on this, but I think she told us to put apostrophes in there.)

Today's paper (May 17, 2009) had four fat coupon booklet inserts, so there should be something for everyone!

Also, check out the USA Weekend because there are some coupons in there for Hefty trash bags and VIVA paper towels. It looks like Big Lots has a good special on Hefty trash bags too, and I have lots of coupons for $1 off. My goal is to spend no more than 25 cents a 30-gallon bag, but maybe I can do even better.

I'm to the point where if it isn't sinfully FREE, I don't need it for most items, so please feel free to leave me an email with your requests for extra coupons. (All I ask is that you obtain your own Sunday paper so you can pick out the coupons you want more of.)

Those Knorr Rice Sides are still on sale at Giant Eagle, (through Wednesday, May 20), and with the 75 cent coupons doubled, they cost only 25 cents a package. I like to use them as starters and add mushrooms, olives, and maybe extra veges and/or meats to the package for our supper.

I have links somewhere to on how to get free apples at Target.
I believe if you are on my website, you can click the Target icon on the left and find that information. Don't forget, you can print out your Target coupons AT THE STORE, and you can add a second manufacture's coupons to the Target coupon.

Feel free to leave a comment on my blog. Click the word 'comment' at the end. Sign in as anonymous if it's easier. Or, send me an email from your personal email site.

Take Care on the Journey,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New! Weekly Updates

I believe I have a little following of those who would like to know what the local weekly specials are that go along with that week's coupons. With that in mind, I'll try to post for the three grocery stores that I usually shop. Keep in mind each store has its own weekly schedule, so you'll have to check here on Sunday for Kroger and Meijer who start their new weekly sales on Sunday and Monday respectfully. And, on Wednesdays for Giant Eagle who starts their new sales each Thursday. If I get some favorable response, I'll take the time to post these for you.

Don't forget you can email me with your weekly coupon requests to my email listed at the end of each posting. I already got one request for this week. It's so exciting to share!

Happy shopping!

Take Care on the Journey,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Extra Coupons and New Deals

I've finally discovered a way to get extra coupons without having to drive around town and pick up those discarded bags by old mailboxes. ha ha

My newspaper carrier says many times the 'extras' are thrown away each week by carriers who have leftover booklets of Red Plum and Smart Source. (The major national coupon booklets.) You might ask your newspaper carrier if there's a way to get the extras they discard each Saturday or Sunday. (They also have resources we don't have for extra papers. Maybe you can find out where they discard them?)

If your carrier goes the extra mile for you, don't forget to tip extra!. I've heard from several sources that many newspaper companies have cut the carrier pay in half and made the routes longer in order to stay in business (including the Columbus Dispatch). So, don't be frugal with the tips for your carrier.

Currently, I'm swamped with coupons and happy to share! If you get the Smart Source or Red Plum and see a coupon that you might want additional ones of, please feel free to ask. If I'm not using them, I'll send some to you. Don't be concerned it might take coupons away from me. Ha Ha. I'm first on the list. Please feel free to ask.

Having said that, I'm still picking up lots of manufactures coupons from the blinkie boxes in the grocery stores. These coupons can be used other places such as the Dollar Store where some things cost less. My sister in Florida does this because grocery stores don't double coupons down there. Might as well use the coupons where they make you the most money!

Another idea is to ask family members and friends who don't use coupons to send you the coupon booklets from the Sunday paper because these are national coupons. Aunt Helen in California who gets the Sunday paper probably tosses them out. You could post or make a request for the Sunday coupons at your place of work, church bulletin board, babysitter, hair salon, or any free bulletin board. How about making the request in an email to everyone in your address book? I read somwhere that gas stations will give you their leftover Sunday papers if you get there late Sunday night.

This week I see several nice cents off coupons in the Red Plum and Smart Source. There are some FREE items if you purchase something else. (Niva items). There's too many to mention because everybody uses different things. There are some excellent coupons for items we don't use, so I hope to share those coupons.

Last week I got Kelloggs cereal at Kroger for 99 cents a box and Cheerios for 75 cents a box at Meijer! Dishwasher soap for 50 cents, and toilet paper and paper towels for free at K-Mart.

Simply, check the weekly fliers for the stores you shop and compare with coupons in this weeks coupon booklets or with coupons you have on file. Creating a file box for coupons is a must for serious coupon shoppers. The weekly store sales usually DO NOT match the week the coupons come out. It's PLANNED that way.

You can email me with your coupon request (listed below) or leave a comment on this site. I'll get either message.

As my guardian angel always says to me, "Go For It".

Take Care on the Journey,

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