Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saved $27. Spent $2

In the last posting, I was headed to Meijer with specific coupon deals in mind. This is my report from that grocery shopping trip.

After handing the cashier $3 and getting back some change, the cashier said incredulously, "You saved 27 dollars!"

The Ragu and Chi-Chi's Salsa was free, but I only got a few, so there's more there for you. I used coupons for all the items listed in my last posting, and I headed to the store with a written plan in hand.

Ritz Crackers on sale for $2.50. I had a $1 off manufacture coupon, plus a coupon for a free box of Wheat Thins with the Ritz purchase. Plus a Meijer coupon for $1 off Ritz. (I did two of those coupon transactions). Final cost for those was 50 cents for each set. (Or, 25 cents for each box of crackers!)

Lipton Tea with two manufactures coupons for two boxes and one store coupon for $1 off two boxes, cost me 35 cents each.

I got six bottles of (free) Chi-Chi's Salsa because this is also my son's favorite! I still have Chi-Chi's coupons, but didn't want to look like a glutton. ha ha

Even though it was free with a .55 manufacture coupon and the Meijer coupon, I only got one jar of Ragu because I already used my other coupons for Ragu sauce.

With this week's coupons, I could have gotten very good deals today on butter, cheese (all kinds), meat, mayo, pop, Knorr side dishes, Nabisco cookies, and much more!

I'm not sure if I got suckered or not, but I subscribed for an extra Columbus Dispatch three days a week when supposedly other coupons come out. I can cancel by the end of the month, but for signing up, I got a $5 Meijer card that I used toward my groceries.

Someone once complained because my information about coupons wasn't specific enough. Mostly, I think one's food preference is somewhat personal, so I lean more toward providing match-ups between this week's sales and coupons that match. Then, it's up to you to choose the Good Deals and Free Meals.

Happy Shopping,


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