Sunday, May 10, 2009

Extra Coupons and New Deals

I've finally discovered a way to get extra coupons without having to drive around town and pick up those discarded bags by old mailboxes. ha ha

My newspaper carrier says many times the 'extras' are thrown away each week by carriers who have leftover booklets of Red Plum and Smart Source. (The major national coupon booklets.) You might ask your newspaper carrier if there's a way to get the extras they discard each Saturday or Sunday. (They also have resources we don't have for extra papers. Maybe you can find out where they discard them?)

If your carrier goes the extra mile for you, don't forget to tip extra!. I've heard from several sources that many newspaper companies have cut the carrier pay in half and made the routes longer in order to stay in business (including the Columbus Dispatch). So, don't be frugal with the tips for your carrier.

Currently, I'm swamped with coupons and happy to share! If you get the Smart Source or Red Plum and see a coupon that you might want additional ones of, please feel free to ask. If I'm not using them, I'll send some to you. Don't be concerned it might take coupons away from me. Ha Ha. I'm first on the list. Please feel free to ask.

Having said that, I'm still picking up lots of manufactures coupons from the blinkie boxes in the grocery stores. These coupons can be used other places such as the Dollar Store where some things cost less. My sister in Florida does this because grocery stores don't double coupons down there. Might as well use the coupons where they make you the most money!

Another idea is to ask family members and friends who don't use coupons to send you the coupon booklets from the Sunday paper because these are national coupons. Aunt Helen in California who gets the Sunday paper probably tosses them out. You could post or make a request for the Sunday coupons at your place of work, church bulletin board, babysitter, hair salon, or any free bulletin board. How about making the request in an email to everyone in your address book? I read somwhere that gas stations will give you their leftover Sunday papers if you get there late Sunday night.

This week I see several nice cents off coupons in the Red Plum and Smart Source. There are some FREE items if you purchase something else. (Niva items). There's too many to mention because everybody uses different things. There are some excellent coupons for items we don't use, so I hope to share those coupons.

Last week I got Kelloggs cereal at Kroger for 99 cents a box and Cheerios for 75 cents a box at Meijer! Dishwasher soap for 50 cents, and toilet paper and paper towels for free at K-Mart.

Simply, check the weekly fliers for the stores you shop and compare with coupons in this weeks coupon booklets or with coupons you have on file. Creating a file box for coupons is a must for serious coupon shoppers. The weekly store sales usually DO NOT match the week the coupons come out. It's PLANNED that way.

You can email me with your coupon request (listed below) or leave a comment on this site. I'll get either message.

As my guardian angel always says to me, "Go For It".

Take Care on the Journey,

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