Sunday, April 19, 2009

K-Mart Triple Coupons This Week and A $5 Coupon Link

To see if your city is offering triple coupons this week April 19-25, 2009), click HERE. (Tampa, Florida, is participating, Oregon is NOT.)

Here's a link for a $5 off if you spend $50. HERE (You must have a printer on your computer.)

Yes, if you have dollars-off coupons, there are grand deals to be had this week in many states across the USA! But, it's almost a do-it-yourself check-out process to get the most accurate savings as the cashiers seem to be totally lost as to how to 'do' the coupons, so I'm offering a few helpful hints in this article.

In Columbus, Ohio, the lines were long, long, long and slow, slow, slow. My friend, Buffy and her husband waiting in line almost an hour Sunday morning. I had to duck a flying grocery cart full of food when an irate customer lost her patience and gave her cart a hefty shove past all the check-out lines. There were only two lines open on an extremely busy Sunday afternoon for the entire store, and the computer for her lane crashed. Apparently, she too had been waiting for 'a very long time'.

But for us, the wait (and time spent organizing all the coupons) was worth the savings. I spent $22 and saved $110.00! Later, I went back with some extra coupons and did even better percentage-wise. We stocked up everything I had good coupons for, but beware of prices that they jacked up before we got there! Like, Dove body wash was almost $9 a bottle! On the other hand, I think there's a good deal on Huggies, and and most anything that is on sale. I found a discount cart with several items I had coupons for too!

Please note that the Sunday paper (April 19, 2006) and the Smart Source and Red Plus coupon booklets that included $2.50 off for Finish dishwashing soap and $4 off Natural Instincts hair coloring. There's pet food coupons and lots of food item coupons also.

If you don't get the paper or want more coupons, (Smart Source or Red Plum coupon booklets), you can click HERE get them mailed to you each week. I haven't done it, but the website tells you how to request it.

Unlike most stores that take coupons, K-Mart has this strange coupon system where, when they scan your coupon, the cashier has to select the item you purchased from a list of all the items in that category. For instance, I got some Purina dog treats that should have been 'free' with my coupon, but she selected a lesser cost brand and I only got coupon credit for the lesser cost. It's almost impossible to tell the cashier which item you got one at a time, so I'm sure I lost a few dollars because of that.

Later, I only had a few items and when the cashier said, "I have no idea what I'm doing,", I offered to help her by telling her what item on her screen to select. Finally, I paid exactly what I expected to. Hey, does that mean I could work as a cashier now?

Even though I thought I understood the strange coupon credit for K-mart today, I still got confused at first. Here's how it works in our town.

Any coupon up to 75 cents is tripled. (A 75 cent coupon is worth $2.25 off.) Any other coupon is worth double up to $8. That means a $1 coupon will double to $2. A $2 will double to $4. A $4 coupon will double to $8. If the coupon says "Do Not Double", they won't double!!!! We could only get 4 items of the same product with coupons. Also, they say you can't use more than 25 coupons in one day, but there's no way they can keep track of how many times to go through the check-out line.

Or, this is how my blogger friend at put it. " KMart is once again doubling coupons.... Thanks, Kim from STL Mommy for gathering this information:
Kmart will triple any coupon up to $0.75. The maximum discount is $2.25. Kmart will double any coupon from $0.76 to $4.00 which means the discount will range from $1.52 - $8.00 They will not allow you to go over the price of the product, but you can receive the item for free. There is a limit of 25 coupons per person per day. Some stores will be accepting internet printable coupons."

About that 25 coupons per person per day, it's a joke. I went back three times and no one noticed!

So, good luck and happy hunting with triple coupons. But, watch you back and your cashier.

Take Care on the Journey,

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