Friday, July 31, 2009

Five Coupon Inserts in Sunday Paper 8-2-09

I believe the title says it all, but heads up for extra coupons this Sunday. The last few weeks, there have only been two inserts! If you want to purchase extra papers (or your first one), at last check the Sunday paper was only 99 cents at the Drug Mart on Hamilton Road.
I'm going to have a difficult time sleeping Saturday night anticipating all those coupons!

Remember, if you get the Sunday paper and don't use the coupon inserts, please let me know and I'll come pick them up from you! I'm not going to post my phone number here, but if you send me an email with your number, I can call you.

Or, you can mail extra coupons (Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G booklets) to: Linda Meikle, PO Box 309, New Albany, OH 43054.

Thanks ahead of time. Good luck!


Coffee Mate, Notepads, and Crest Toothpaste

A couple more items were added to Pantry 309 after a quick run with coupons today. We have two bottles of Coffee Mate (French Vanilla) in the free pantry. (I don't use it.) Plus a few more items.

Also added are several 1-subject notebooks (70-page) that are on sale at Meijer (at least today) for 5-cents each! There a limit of 30, so you know it's a good deal!

I picked up a few extra notepads as I sure do use them a lot, but then I take copious notes in each class. If you are seriously interested, hop over to Meijer on Hamilton Road/Morse Road and grab a few - or more! Or, you may request one or two through your wishlist at

This time I think it's true that Crest toothpaste will be free with coupons this Sunday's P&G insert. Crest should be on sale at Giant Eagle to use with the coupons. You might check to see if Kroger will carry over their 10/$10 Crest toothpaste to match the (doubled) coupons too - making it free, of course.

I was delighted to discover that I did indeed have a few Crest toothpaste coupons that expire today, but still matched the Kroger sale, so I was able to pick up three tubes of regular Crest Toothpaste for the Pantry.

Oh yes, we have some fresh (all meat Bologna and Oscar Meyer (all meat) hot dogs added today too. Please let me know if you use this for lunches, etc.

There's still small boxes Lipton tea in the Pantry too.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wanted - Mighty Dog Coupons

(Linda Meikle photo)
For those who got the Sunday paper on July 26, the Smart Source had a coupon for Mighty Dog dog food. In fact, the coupon was good for one free can. We use this for our Sheba, so if you have any you aren't going to use, I'd be delighted to get them. Classmates can bring them to school. Others can mail them to Linda Meikle, Box 309, New Albany, Ohio, 43054.

I thank you and Sheba thanks you!
Linda & Sheba-dog


Free Land-O-Lakes Butter and Some Cheerios photo This week, my 'freebie' was Land-O-Lakes butter (my sister's favorite), as pictured here. At Meijer's it's on sale for $1, and you could get two at a time for the .55 double coupon, making it free. I have about six extras if anyone would like to put it on their wishlist. Please send your request to my email at It's first-come, first-served based on the date and time of the e-mail. I may pick up a couple more tomorrow, but I gave several of my extra coupons to an older man who was shopping with coupons and didn't have any of these.

Warm Delights were free too, but they go quickly at our home. (You have to like hot fudge and chocolate brownies to love these.)

I thought that toothpaste would be free at Giant Eagle this week, but the Colgate coupon and specific flavor don't match. I'll keep looking because I have a lot of coupons for toothpaste, and no toothpaste left in the Pantry!

Oh yes, I was able to pick up a few extra boxes of Cheerios for the Pantry. You can add that to the short list this week. I really ran the Pantry down in the last few days, but am excited about the new coupons and sales I see coming up soon!

I'm switching my coupons to a notebook instead of three coupon containers I've been lugging around with me. I'm organizing my coupons into baseball card pages for the coupon slots, and it's coming along really good. I hope to finish that tomorrow. It will help me keep up with coupons that are expiring and make sure I don't miss coupons that get stuck behind something else.

My sitemeter continues to indicate that few are actually coming to the site, but the message must be getting out because we made several people very happy this week with some extra good deals and free meals, and I received some really special thank-you's in return.

Waiting for your wishlist...



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coupon Dad Website, Plus I Have Free Country Crock

I'm a bit behind today due to travel to Akron for clinicals this weekend. But, here's a link I'd encourage each of you to save to your favorites. (Or, it's an easy one to remember!). It's or HERE.

As I post additonal articles, this one will go down the list and you might miss it, so if you see anything you like that I post, please save it where you can find it again.

I already printed out several really good coupons from that I haven't found other places like, Morning Star Farms, $1 off one box of Cheerios (good Giant Eagle sale this week, I think), and .60 off Jell-O-Gelatin or Pudding Snack.

Also, with the current coupons I already had, I was able to get Country Crock Margarine FREE at Meijer's this week. I currently have 13 containers that I need to give away. Please email your request to and pass this on to others.

It looks like my sister's favorite Land-O-Lakes Butter may be free or almost so at Meijer's this week with this week's .55 coupon in the Sunday paper. Remember, you can only get two at a time to double at Meijer, but I just make it two transactions for four items - and go back later for more if I want it.

Also, I'm pretty sure Crest toothpaste will be free at Kroger with today's coupon.

Don't forget to 'favorite' and check out his coupon site.

Happy Freebies this week!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Have Extra Coupons...

As I cut out the most recent coupons tonight, I realized that I have extra coupons of things I won't be buying this week. If you could use any of these, please email me with your address, and I'll mail them to you. (If you're at Bohecker, ask me to bring them to you there on Monday.)

Degree Women Fine Fragrance Collection product 1.25 Expires 8-9-09. When these are on sale at Kroger or Giant Eagle, they are free.

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. $1.25 off any one (any size). Sales make this free too. Expires Sept. 20, 2009.

I have coupons for FREE Ideal 50ct packet of Ideal Sweetener. (Several coupons) Expires 11-08-09.

Pert Plus for Men. Save $1.50 on any one size (even trial sizes if the store isn't grumpy about it). Sometimes Walgreens or CVS has them on sale. Expires 8-3-09

Also, any Pert Plus $1.00 coupon.

I might have coupons for $1.00 off ONE package of Quaker granola bars. They are usually for TWO packages. If I don't use them, I'll have extra. Must use with good sales for best deal. Several expiration dates.

I have more, but it's very late and I'm very, very tired. Hopefully these will help someone. Even better if it's someone I really, really, like. LOL (Just kidding. I love you all!)

Waiting for you e-mails...



Walgreens Is Having BIG School Supply Sale

(Photo Walgreens website)
My husband says he doesn't need any more pens, markers, or pencils! This posting is especially for my classmates at Bohecker College. By the time we're back in class, this sale will be over.

Through Saturday, July 18, 2009, all Walgreens' stores in the Columbus area have pens, paper, notepads, pencils, mechanical pencils, and more for 9 cents to 19 cents to 49 cents. I found it difficult to find the specific items listed on the front of the Walgreens flier tonight, but when I did find the sale items, they had full shelves, so they must be restocking nightly. If you can't find the sale items, (I think they hide them), please ask. I've found the employees in the New Albany Walgreens to always be very helpful.

I may stock up on some of the best deals and bring them to school on Monday. I'll ask for whatever it ends up costing me which won't be more than 10-cents to 25-cents each. If no one wants anything, I'm sure I'll use it eventually.

CVS has good deals too, but you have to accept store credit and re-spend your money. Too much bother for me.

Okay, hope you can get out and about to check the great deals at Walgreens before Sunday. (They didn't pay me to say that.)



Coupon for Free Organic Santa Cruz juice

(photo Santa Cruz website)
Click the link, and for this one, you can print as many coupons as you like. (For some reason I got a second blank page that used up my ink, so check with one or two at first.)

Kroger sells this organic juice in the organic department, not with the regular juice. Kroger has it on sale this week 4/$5 (1.24 each) and with the 75 cent coupon doubling as Kroger always does, this is free. I got three bottles last night and hope to get a couple more on Thursday. Because this sale and coupons have been going all week, you might find the shelf empty. Don't blame me, I only got three so far. ha ha

This sale will end on Sunday, July 26, 2009.

Anyway, here is the link to print the coupon(s) and good luck.

Happy couponing!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to Pantry 309

I passed out my new Pantry 309 brochures, business cards and some FREE Mentos at school today, so hope to welcome several classmates to our online hotbed of free food and coupon information. For those who are new, (especially friends from school), this will help describe how you can order a 'wish-list' of online groceries, shop with coupons, or donate coupons to Pantry 309.

What is Pantry 309? As you've already noticed, Pantry 309 is my way of giving back from all the good deals obtained by shopping with coupons in the Columbus, Ohio, area. There are no strings attached. I simply want to help others who have the same needs I do! My friend, Buffy, who is also a great couponer and who got me started, has been supportive and very helpful. But, I have no more money than the next student who can't work while going to school, so I may need to price my items at least what I've paid after coupons. As the online orders pick up, I'll do more specific shopping to meet the needs of those who make specific requests at the e-mail address.
This is new to me too, so bear with me as I learn what works and what doesn't.
How to order? Something new I added last night was a LINK to the website where I've posted my list of what's available at the FREE online store right now, instead of the list taking up space on the page. You'll see the link in the upper left-hand corner of this post. Soon, I'll add pictures and add even more items on the linked page.
Go to that page and pick out the items you think you could use. Or, food items you'd like me to watch for. E-mail that list to me at with your phone number. I will always reply, and I'll put together whatever is available. I'll also keep a running list of things you like me to watch for if you provide me with that information.
How much does it cost? I've already explained that, for now, everything is FREE, but soon I may need to charge whatever it cost me. Many items are free, but usually there's a 50-cent to $1.00 cost that I should pass on to you. I can certainly offer more items at a ridiculously lower cost than you would pay at Kroger. For instance, later this week I hope to have Cheerios for 88 cents a box!
How to shop with coupons? First of all, congratulations on joining the swell of shoppers who save 75-100% by shopping with coupons. If you have one coupon and would like more coupons, so you can pick up several of the same item, please e-mail and ask me if I have the coupon(s). I get about 15 coupon booklets each week, and often discard dozens of expired coupons that I couldn't or didn't use use. Sometimes you get the coupons of items you like, and wait for the sale!!! Coupons like Pampers, I have but don't use.
To quickly find out what coupons match the current week's sales, please go to the link I have on the left hand side of this page and find your favorite store on the list. There are hundreds of blogs that post that information, but I've selected one for this site. Here's the LINK for that blog called
Lastly, if you have extra coupons or want to make any other contribution, please give them to me at school, or mail them to: Linda Meikle, PO Box 309, New Albany, Ohio, 43054.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I hope this helps.

Happy shopping,
~Linda Home:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Free Food Pantry 309, New Albany, Ohio

Things aren't moving very fast with Pantry 309. I only had three or four visitors to the blog today, and it didn't look like anyone stayed very long. That doesn't mean I'm going to give up!

Buffy called and said she is excited about the project and will help in several ways including adding her own stash of weekly good deals she gets by shopping with coupons. Others have expressed support, appreciation for the effort, and interest in helping.

I have ordered some brochures explaining the program and how to get involved that we can pass out to others. I could use some help getting the garage ready, but the next two weekends I'm out of town for student clinicals at Akron. (July 18 and July 25) Maybe by then Big John (our son) will get over to help with that.

While talking to a couple people at school about my idea, I realized that I need to clarify a couple things to make it more clear what I have in mind. The words "Pantry" might imply that we're giving away cans of beef soup and dry crackers.


We're talking about good tasting, good quality, 'comfort food' as I like to call it, AND tons of personal items you use everyday. While you can pick up cans of pinto beans, corn and peas if you want to, what we're stocking at Pantry 309 are quality foods such as; Kellogg's and General Mills breakfast cereals, Quacker Oat granola bars, Lays potato chips, Keeblers and Nabisco cookies, Kraft cheese, Pillsbury dinner rolls, Oscar Mayer and Hillshire meats, Angel Soft or Scotts tissue paper, Kraft mayo and salad dressing, quality frozen veges, Mars candy bars, Scott paper towels, Hefty trash bags, Ziploc sandwich bags, Knorr pasta dishes, tuna fish (cans and package), Lipton tea, bags of sugar, Colgate toothpaste, Land-O-Lakes butter, V-8, Juicy Juice fruit drinks, Welch juice, Dawn dish soap, Cascade and Finish dishwasher soap, Ritz crackers, Dole fruit, Jell-O puddings and snacks, and much, much more!

Sometimes we get milk, orange juice, and other perishable items that need to be used right away. Oh yes, there's Purina dog and cat food, shampoo, laundry detergents, fabric softners, toothbrushes, wipes, cleaning supplies, paper products and more personal items than I want to post on a public forum.

Two things are bound to happen.

1) I'll get no takers, and I'll quit picking up more grocery items than we personally use in our home. ( I already tried that, but us couponers know doing passing by free food at the grocery store is almost impossible to do when the it's is practically FREE with combined sales and coupons. Huh Buffy?)

2) I'll find families in the local area to donate this to on a regular basis and keep shopping for all the good deals and sharing weekly.

3) I want this to be geared to those we know in our circle of work, church, school, or neighbors.

I fully expect the skies to open with a wonderful response to my desire to help, and others will join in the effort to bring smiles and good food to those we love close to home.

I just need to be patient - something I'm not good at when I have an plan. lol

TODAY, If you could use any of these items for yourself or someone else, please send me an e-mail with your request. This can be provided to you confidentially and quietly. Right now the Pantry is not very full, but we do have most everything I listed in small amounts. Just know that it won't take long to build it up when the idea takes off.

If we make this a team effort, our response can be 100-fold over what I can do alone.

I hope to hear from each of you soon,
Thanks for your confidence and your support,
You can help right now by passing on this link and telling others.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Another link for freee food and free stuff. Help Needed

First, I want to thank those who have offered support and encouragement for Pantry 309!!! All your comments and e-mail mean more to me than you know.

Hubby and I are working on upgrading this website so people can click and click their grocery requests to me, and others have offered to help me improve the web page in other areas too.

Hubby suggests that a lot of people who need grocery items are not computer literate, so we're thinking of ways to reach those folks. If you know of someone who would appreciate some extra of the things I have listed on the left-hand side of this page (more coming!), please let me know by e-mail. Pantry 309 is for anyone including YOU.

BTW, I've had no mail at the Pantry 309 address: Feel free to send me a note there. I can check that e-mail with my new i-Phone, and I do that quite often.

We're also mulling the idea to offer a copy of my book, Dusty Angels and Old Diaries, to anyone who makes a contribution to the Pantry 309 effort. (If you already have my book, maybe you'd like to pass it on.) You can contribute more food, ideas, computer technology, shelving, or your coupons you don't use.

Another helping idea is to buy the Sunday paper and donate the Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G, and any other Sunday coupons that come with the paper to Pantry 309. This can be done from anyplace in the USA. Most inserts are pretty much alike. Mail contributions can be sent to Linda Meikle, PO 309, New Albany, OH 43054. (Hubby says he can't think of any reason not to list the PO address on the blog.)

My sitemeter indicates that few are actually finding this site. (Today I've had only four hits.) I've ordered some business cards from Vista Print (free) to pass out. They should be here next week. Sometimes I wonder if anybody reads this blog, but I'm sure more people do than I 'see' on my sitemeter.

Okay, here's a neat website for good deals, free meals and other free stuff. Enjoy.
Have a great weekend.

Us couponers are looking forward to an exciting coupon Sunday with all the coupon inserts after a dry Sunday last week.

Good Stuff, Free Stuff Link HERE

Coupon 309 Mama,


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Different Direction for This Blog - Pantry 309

I have a dream! And, I had a dream last night - that reinforces a direction I want to try with my coupon shopping. I'm calling it Pantry 309. I'll explain why further on.

Every once in a while my friend, Buffy, and I take a few minutes from our terribly busy schedule to meet for breakfast. We never have enough time to even remember all the things we want to talk about over her egg and toast and my cheese omelet, but one thing we agree on is that we wish we could come up with some way to help more people with all the good deals we get using coupons as our shopping guide.

Many people tell me they wish they had more time to "do couponing" but they don't know where to get the coupons or how to use them in the most efficient way. They are envious of all the good deals and free things we get, but don't know how to get it for themselves!

Yesterday, another classmate said she wished she had time to shop with coupons, but with four kids, working, and going to school, she just doesn't have time to figure it out and keep up with it. Her sigh was so deep, I can still hear it in my mind.

Right now, I've been blessed with an unexpected but magical source for extra coupons. I believe this happened because my goal in using coupons was/is to help others. The offer of free coupons has not gone very far. I'm sure it's because you have to understand the intimate details of coupon shopping for it to be successful. That's not for everyone.

My close family members know that rarely do I have a dream that makes me feel good. My dreams are usually about some horrible calamity that leaves me screaming in my sleep or jumping out of bed with a powerful feeling of fear chasing me! So, when I have a good dream, my mind wants to put it to use immediately!

Last night, I was in a familiar place back in Michigan. It was a place where I thought everyone (parents and children) were sleeping quietly, but when I looked closer, they were sick from hunger and slowing starving to death. Rather than the dream becoming frightening, I felt a strong direction to use my couponing to make a difference, and I was warmed by all the good feelings that come with doing good deeds. I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 3:09 a.m. I'll explain how 309 came up later today when I was putting plans into place to start my new direction.

Okay, this is my 'dream-plan'. I need some contributions from others (YOU), and I have something to offer in return.

I'd really like to develop something called, Pantry 309 where I actually create a store and post a list of items in my pantry to share freely to anyone on a weekly or even daily basis.

Anyone who becomes a member of Pantry 309 can 'order' from my FREE store anytime by sending me an email. I can deliver the items or work out a schedule for pick up. Of course, this will have to be limited to the Columbus, Ohio, area right now.

A one-time nominal $5 membership is to weed out those who would take advantage. I'm not expecting to make money. (Sorry, not that kind of person. Never have been.) But I need to protect myself in this day and age. Others might want to make a donation, but this is absolutely optional.

I know some of you reading this page who really don't need free food, but you know someone who does! I also personally know some of you who could use many of the items I often get for free or almost nothing. The circle could grow by you becoming a member and picking up free things from my pantry for someone else, or by you ordering free food for yourself, and by you telling others about my store (and blog).

As I already said, I'm thinking of something like a nominal $5 one-time membership free (with some identification included), but also accepting donations so I can add even more items to my store if anyone wants to contribute rather than take.

With that in mind, I went out and rented a PO box today. (I didn't discuss this with hubby yet, but he always supports my dreams.) I'm not sure exactly how we will use this PO box, but it seemed like something one should have for a venture like this.

Guess what? I asked if PO box number 55 was available but the gentleman said he was sorry, the computer picked out the number from available boxes. Ahhhh, you guessed it. The computer-generated number was box number 309.

Currently, we have a garage for my Pantry 309, but eventually before winter we will need some place heated. This is where I'll be asking for a contribution. I'm sure I will not have to pay rent, but have absolutely no idea where that place will come from. Just a room to hold shelves and a refrigerator that I can have access to. The universe says that one good deed should follow another, so I'm confident that some good soul will get this request and respond in kind.

Right now, we need a good refrigerator/freezer for the garage. I'm sure someone has one they would like to donate to this good cause - or knows someone they can lean on for me. I'm always finding great deals on milk, juice, butter, rolls, cheese, and even meat! Sometimes more!

I'll still keep posting good deals and links here for those who use coupons like I do now, but will also purchase extra grocery and drug-store items with my coupons to place in Pantry 309 when I get this rolling - especially if I start getting requests for food!

If you have ideas, a refrigerator/freezer; or want to contribute in any way, please email me at (my new pantry address) pantry309 (at) (You add the @-sign); or any other email address you have for me; or by asking for the complete PO Box 309 address. I respond to all email, but if you don't hear back, I didn't get it.

My little sister said this sounds like too much work for the 'college student' that I am, but she knows I mean it when I put my mind to something. Hubby will get this story over supper tonight. I'm thankful for the total support of my family - always trusting and unconditional!

TOGETHER, we can make a difference. Thank-you in advance for your support and your confidence in project Pantry 309..

Take Care on the Journey,

HOME: or
E-mail: or (from your email account). Thanks

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Freebies

Because I'm so behind with reading about child growth and development and how we use oxygen to reduce the C02 in our system, I offering you a nice link with a list of free things you can request. (Some are more complicated than others.) I asked for a sample of Viva paper towels because they are always so expensive in the store, and I'd like to know why!

It looked like some nice things for the asking, so enjoy 'asking' while I'm 'learning'.

The link HERE

Enjoy Freebeeing, (I know that's not a word, Miss Denise, but it's fun to try.)


Monday, July 06, 2009

New Ways To Make Money With Coupons

My husband saves all his receipts for me these days. He knows that I search the printing on each one for websites to do a little survey to enter a contest for cash or prizes. The main ones we use are Meijer, Walgreens (when it shows up), Wendys, Bob Evans, Home Depot, KFC, Friendlys, and others. Sometimes I pick the receipts up from the parking lot and take the survey for cash prices! If you're going to be on the computer anyway, why not add a little luck to your day. Caution: Most are only good for 48 hours.

BTW, I sent an e-mail to K-Mart explaining why their complicated, restrictive, coupon policies are turning shoppers away. It was when I entered the contest listed at the bottom of my receipt from Sunday that I was able to list my complaints. I usually give the store the best of numbers for obvious reasons (I want to win!), but because I felt it was true this time, I listed the numbers for 'extremely dissatisfied" with some aspects of K-Mart and immediately got a response asking why I was 'extremely dissatisfied'. We'll see if anyone responds.

Giant Eagle starts their new sale week on Thursday, so by tomorrow evening I should have some information of good deals there this week. At least some links where that information is posted.

School is harder now. Tests are frequent. Quizzes come along every day. Papers are due several at a time. The classrooms are very cold making my joints hurt all the time. I'm feeling my age and more! It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings.

On the other hand, I think all the professors are great and try just as hard as I do. I love the challenges of learning and striving for perfection. lol

I'm still shouting, "Bring It On!" and dreaming of the day I get my RN license!

Happy New Week of Good Deals & Free Meals,

HOME: and

Saturday, July 04, 2009

K-Mart Double Coupons Good Deals Link

I haven't checked with Columbus, Ohio, K-Mart because those employees seem to never know anything until the moment it's time to start the double coupons, but if the current blogger news holds true, I plan to be at K-Mart by 0800 in the morning (July 5, 2009) for these good deals with my stash of $1 and $2 coupons. There are at least 10 items I expect to get FREE with my coupons (provided the shelves are not already cleaned out!).

If my good luck holds out, I plan to HIDE some items while I go back for hubby (who doesn't get up early unless the Iditarod Sled Race is running) because K-Mart has a limit on how many coupons you can use at one time. I wish my sister (Sandy) was here because she always knows the best places to hide items until one can come back for them.

The link to check out the list is HERE.

Included on my FREE search through the store will be DelMonte Fruit Chillers, Juicy Juice drink, Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Pantene shampoo, Huggies Wipes, Aveeno Body lotion, Bic Razors, and Visine eye drops.

Happy shopping to all.
Wish me good luck!