Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coupon Dad Website, Plus I Have Free Country Crock

I'm a bit behind today due to travel to Akron for clinicals this weekend. But, here's a link I'd encourage each of you to save to your favorites. (Or, it's an easy one to remember!). It's or HERE.

As I post additonal articles, this one will go down the list and you might miss it, so if you see anything you like that I post, please save it where you can find it again.

I already printed out several really good coupons from that I haven't found other places like, Morning Star Farms, $1 off one box of Cheerios (good Giant Eagle sale this week, I think), and .60 off Jell-O-Gelatin or Pudding Snack.

Also, with the current coupons I already had, I was able to get Country Crock Margarine FREE at Meijer's this week. I currently have 13 containers that I need to give away. Please email your request to and pass this on to others.

It looks like my sister's favorite Land-O-Lakes Butter may be free or almost so at Meijer's this week with this week's .55 coupon in the Sunday paper. Remember, you can only get two at a time to double at Meijer, but I just make it two transactions for four items - and go back later for more if I want it.

Also, I'm pretty sure Crest toothpaste will be free at Kroger with today's coupon.

Don't forget to 'favorite' and check out his coupon site.

Happy Freebies this week!


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