Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Land-O-Lakes Butter and Some Cheerios photo This week, my 'freebie' was Land-O-Lakes butter (my sister's favorite), as pictured here. At Meijer's it's on sale for $1, and you could get two at a time for the .55 double coupon, making it free. I have about six extras if anyone would like to put it on their wishlist. Please send your request to my email at It's first-come, first-served based on the date and time of the e-mail. I may pick up a couple more tomorrow, but I gave several of my extra coupons to an older man who was shopping with coupons and didn't have any of these.

Warm Delights were free too, but they go quickly at our home. (You have to like hot fudge and chocolate brownies to love these.)

I thought that toothpaste would be free at Giant Eagle this week, but the Colgate coupon and specific flavor don't match. I'll keep looking because I have a lot of coupons for toothpaste, and no toothpaste left in the Pantry!

Oh yes, I was able to pick up a few extra boxes of Cheerios for the Pantry. You can add that to the short list this week. I really ran the Pantry down in the last few days, but am excited about the new coupons and sales I see coming up soon!

I'm switching my coupons to a notebook instead of three coupon containers I've been lugging around with me. I'm organizing my coupons into baseball card pages for the coupon slots, and it's coming along really good. I hope to finish that tomorrow. It will help me keep up with coupons that are expiring and make sure I don't miss coupons that get stuck behind something else.

My sitemeter continues to indicate that few are actually coming to the site, but the message must be getting out because we made several people very happy this week with some extra good deals and free meals, and I received some really special thank-you's in return.

Waiting for your wishlist...



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Ms linda
Continue the good work,i will continue to pray for strength or u