Friday, July 31, 2009

Coffee Mate, Notepads, and Crest Toothpaste

A couple more items were added to Pantry 309 after a quick run with coupons today. We have two bottles of Coffee Mate (French Vanilla) in the free pantry. (I don't use it.) Plus a few more items.

Also added are several 1-subject notebooks (70-page) that are on sale at Meijer (at least today) for 5-cents each! There a limit of 30, so you know it's a good deal!

I picked up a few extra notepads as I sure do use them a lot, but then I take copious notes in each class. If you are seriously interested, hop over to Meijer on Hamilton Road/Morse Road and grab a few - or more! Or, you may request one or two through your wishlist at

This time I think it's true that Crest toothpaste will be free with coupons this Sunday's P&G insert. Crest should be on sale at Giant Eagle to use with the coupons. You might check to see if Kroger will carry over their 10/$10 Crest toothpaste to match the (doubled) coupons too - making it free, of course.

I was delighted to discover that I did indeed have a few Crest toothpaste coupons that expire today, but still matched the Kroger sale, so I was able to pick up three tubes of regular Crest Toothpaste for the Pantry.

Oh yes, we have some fresh (all meat Bologna and Oscar Meyer (all meat) hot dogs added today too. Please let me know if you use this for lunches, etc.

There's still small boxes Lipton tea in the Pantry too.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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