Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to Pantry 309

I passed out my new Pantry 309 brochures, business cards and some FREE Mentos at school today, so hope to welcome several classmates to our online hotbed of free food and coupon information. For those who are new, (especially friends from school), this will help describe how you can order a 'wish-list' of online groceries, shop with coupons, or donate coupons to Pantry 309.

What is Pantry 309? As you've already noticed, Pantry 309 is my way of giving back from all the good deals obtained by shopping with coupons in the Columbus, Ohio, area. There are no strings attached. I simply want to help others who have the same needs I do! My friend, Buffy, who is also a great couponer and who got me started, has been supportive and very helpful. But, I have no more money than the next student who can't work while going to school, so I may need to price my items at least what I've paid after coupons. As the online orders pick up, I'll do more specific shopping to meet the needs of those who make specific requests at the e-mail address.
This is new to me too, so bear with me as I learn what works and what doesn't.
How to order? Something new I added last night was a LINK to the website where I've posted my list of what's available at the FREE online store right now, instead of the list taking up space on the page. You'll see the link in the upper left-hand corner of this post. Soon, I'll add pictures and add even more items on the linked page.
Go to that page and pick out the items you think you could use. Or, food items you'd like me to watch for. E-mail that list to me at pantry309@yahoo.com with your phone number. I will always reply, and I'll put together whatever is available. I'll also keep a running list of things you like me to watch for if you provide me with that information.
How much does it cost? I've already explained that, for now, everything is FREE, but soon I may need to charge whatever it cost me. Many items are free, but usually there's a 50-cent to $1.00 cost that I should pass on to you. I can certainly offer more items at a ridiculously lower cost than you would pay at Kroger. For instance, later this week I hope to have Cheerios for 88 cents a box!
How to shop with coupons? First of all, congratulations on joining the swell of shoppers who save 75-100% by shopping with coupons. If you have one coupon and would like more coupons, so you can pick up several of the same item, please e-mail and ask me if I have the coupon(s). I get about 15 coupon booklets each week, and often discard dozens of expired coupons that I couldn't or didn't use use. Sometimes you get the coupons of items you like, and wait for the sale!!! Coupons like Pampers, I have but don't use.
To quickly find out what coupons match the current week's sales, please go to the link I have on the left hand side of this page and find your favorite store on the list. There are hundreds of blogs that post that information, but I've selected one for this site. Here's the LINK for that blog called becentsable.net.
Lastly, if you have extra coupons or want to make any other contribution, please give them to me at school, or mail them to: Linda Meikle, PO Box 309, New Albany, Ohio, 43054.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I hope this helps.

Happy shopping,
~Linda Home:

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