Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Free Food Pantry 309, New Albany, Ohio

Things aren't moving very fast with Pantry 309. I only had three or four visitors to the blog today, and it didn't look like anyone stayed very long. That doesn't mean I'm going to give up!

Buffy called and said she is excited about the project and will help in several ways including adding her own stash of weekly good deals she gets by shopping with coupons. Others have expressed support, appreciation for the effort, and interest in helping.

I have ordered some brochures explaining the program and how to get involved that we can pass out to others. I could use some help getting the garage ready, but the next two weekends I'm out of town for student clinicals at Akron. (July 18 and July 25) Maybe by then Big John (our son) will get over to help with that.

While talking to a couple people at school about my idea, I realized that I need to clarify a couple things to make it more clear what I have in mind. The words "Pantry" might imply that we're giving away cans of beef soup and dry crackers.


We're talking about good tasting, good quality, 'comfort food' as I like to call it, AND tons of personal items you use everyday. While you can pick up cans of pinto beans, corn and peas if you want to, what we're stocking at Pantry 309 are quality foods such as; Kellogg's and General Mills breakfast cereals, Quacker Oat granola bars, Lays potato chips, Keeblers and Nabisco cookies, Kraft cheese, Pillsbury dinner rolls, Oscar Mayer and Hillshire meats, Angel Soft or Scotts tissue paper, Kraft mayo and salad dressing, quality frozen veges, Mars candy bars, Scott paper towels, Hefty trash bags, Ziploc sandwich bags, Knorr pasta dishes, tuna fish (cans and package), Lipton tea, bags of sugar, Colgate toothpaste, Land-O-Lakes butter, V-8, Juicy Juice fruit drinks, Welch juice, Dawn dish soap, Cascade and Finish dishwasher soap, Ritz crackers, Dole fruit, Jell-O puddings and snacks, and much, much more!

Sometimes we get milk, orange juice, and other perishable items that need to be used right away. Oh yes, there's Purina dog and cat food, shampoo, laundry detergents, fabric softners, toothbrushes, wipes, cleaning supplies, paper products and more personal items than I want to post on a public forum.

Two things are bound to happen.

1) I'll get no takers, and I'll quit picking up more grocery items than we personally use in our home. ( I already tried that, but us couponers know doing passing by free food at the grocery store is almost impossible to do when the it's is practically FREE with combined sales and coupons. Huh Buffy?)

2) I'll find families in the local area to donate this to on a regular basis and keep shopping for all the good deals and sharing weekly.

3) I want this to be geared to those we know in our circle of work, church, school, or neighbors.

I fully expect the skies to open with a wonderful response to my desire to help, and others will join in the effort to bring smiles and good food to those we love close to home.

I just need to be patient - something I'm not good at when I have an plan. lol

TODAY, If you could use any of these items for yourself or someone else, please send me an e-mail with your request. This can be provided to you confidentially and quietly. Right now the Pantry is not very full, but we do have most everything I listed in small amounts. Just know that it won't take long to build it up when the idea takes off.

If we make this a team effort, our response can be 100-fold over what I can do alone.

I hope to hear from each of you soon,
Thanks for your confidence and your support,
You can help right now by passing on this link and telling others.


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