Sunday, May 08, 2011

Truth or Consequences

Consequence:  the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning

I'm not sure I should even tell this story about how I got FREE paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues with Small Steps coupons that didn't match at all...

As I posted last week, I ordered Small Steps coupons from eBay when they came out in the Sunday paper.  The coupons cost me 8-cents each. When they arrived, the conditions didn't match the ones that came out in the paper although, at first glance, they looked the same.

The on-line coupons indicated the bath tissue had to be 12-packs and paper towels 2-packs. Facial tissues weren't even listed on the coupon.

I decided to give them ALL a try at the check-out anyway.  Bath tissue was four-packs. (They only come in four-packs!) Single rolls of paper towels instead of double. (They don't even come in double sets!)  And several boxes of the Small Steps tissues that weren't listed on the coupon.

The cashier not only ran them through, but they didn't even 'ding' the register. She commented that it was almost like the TV program, Extreme Couponing.

Well, after the first batch went through without a hitch, I went back for more and returned to the same cashier.  NONE OF THE COUPONS MATCHED WHAT I GOT EXCEPT IT WAS ALL SMALL STEPS BRAND!

Funny thing though, I got two packages of cat treats that DID match my coupons, but she wouldn't take them because she said it was the wrong 'flavor'.  I had her take the cat treats back.  You know, I'm a couponer after all.  Just sayin...

The best news is that we starting moving into our new home tomorrow, and the free toiletries will go in first!

(For more information on our new home, go to my blog )

Your happy couponer,

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