Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Coupons for May 31, 2009

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Did you get your coupon inserts this week? Did you find any you could use? While there were fewer coupons this week than a couple weeks ago, I'm sure you found some to turn into dollar bills! Remember, if you find something that you use, save the coupon until that item is on sale. Then pull out several and use them to stock up!

And how do you get several coupons so you can stock up? Ask me, of course! (That's one way.)

I see Giant Eagle and Walgreens have Chinet paper plates on sale - and I have coupons that I saved from two weeks ago making them almost free for me! We use paper plates a lot in the summertime. (Sorry, no more extras left.)
Good couponers work fast when a plan comes together (coupons and a sale). Gotta be proactive (plan ahead) and dash to the store for the hot item while it's still on the shelf.

I hope you saved those web sites that list the best deals for the current coupons at your favorite grocery store. If not, I'll try to post some of my favorites again.
Here's one of the best. You can scroll down for most any grocery store in the USA and click on a blog that matches your part of the country. It's (sometimes it loads slowly) or HERE (might load faster).

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