Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Columbus Round-up From My Friend, Buffy

I've been out of town, so this list has been put together by my friend, Buffy. (She does such a good job, maybe we'll make her an honorary posting member here!) The Giant Eagle ends today and starts a new sale week tomorrow, Thursday.

Here are the deals and some good tips, from Buffy... PS If this sounds too complicated, just take one item at a time and it will get easier from there!

Ok- before I list this week's deals/matchups- a word of advice. I've found that the easiest way to do the couponing is to get a storage box (rubbermaid) storage bin that holds hanging folders. Invest in some hanging folders and file folders. Each week when you get your coupons- label a file folder with that week's date on it and put into a file. When I list match-ups I can then tell you exactly where to find the coupons being used for that week. SS= Smart Source insert. RP=Red Plum insert. B1G1= buy 1 get 1. Q=coupon. $X.XX/N means X= price off on coupon, N means number you have to purchase listed on coupon. So $1/2 means $1.00 off of two.

Second word of advice- There is a magazine called "All You" that has TONS of great coupons in it. Its worth subscribing to have it delivered if you want to make the most of the deals! Its also available at Walmart off the shelf, but just like the Sunday paper- current deals don't usually match the current issues' coupons- usually the coupons match best a few weeks later. Finally- this is a great site for ordering coupons if you need them/want them. IF you choose to use this site, please list me as your referral! Margaret Storm, email: MANY of the coupons I list below can be found at this site. It does take several days to arrive so keep that in mind when ordering! You can find the coupons you want easiest by using the "search" box on the upper right hand corner.

OK, this week: Giant Eagle ENDING TODAY:Bic Soleil razors $3.99 (ends today) $3/off coupon from 5/17/09 smart source (SS)=$.99 Combine this with the FREE BIC refill when you buy the razor coupon from the 5/3/09 SS and get both for $.99 I included most of the other deals in previous email.

MEIJER:(Again- Meijer coupons can be found here: box on right hand side, click "specials" these can be combined WITH a manufacturer coupon for each item!). Also remember meijer only doubles 2 of the same coupon per transaction so if you are using more than 2 of the exact same coupon- split your order!

1. Knorr side dishes (rices or pastas) $1.08 each- $.75/2 (5/17 RP) combined with $1/4 from Meijer coupon= $.32 for 4! (these Knorr coupons are available on the site link above)- use 2 of the $.75/2 coupons from paper combined with 1 of the $1/4 from meijer.

2. Ragu sauce $1.50 each- $.60/1 (5/17 RP)- $1/2 Meijer coupon= FREE sauce! Use 2 of the $.60/1 Q from paper combined with 1 of the $1/2 from Meijer.

3. Lipton tea bags $2.07/each- $.60/1 (5/17 RP- use 2 of these) - Meijer $1/2= $.74 for 2 boxes of tea!

4. Wishbone salad dressing $2.19 each - $.75/1 coupon ( can print 2- $1/2 Meijer coupon= $.38 for two dressings!

5. Nabisco 100 calorie packs $3.19- $1/off at - $1 meijer coupon= $1.19 not bad for us dieters! LOL

6. Ritz crackers + Wheat thins- Coupon in 5/17 SS for buy Ritz get free wheat thins)-- Ritz are $2.50 ( there were $1/off at ) plus $1/1 meijer coupon= $.50 for both boxes of Ritz and Wheat thins if you have the coupons from plus the meijer one, plus the Buy 1 get 1 coupon- I couldn't find the one on but still $1.50 for 2 boxes isn't bad.

7. Mrs. Dash spices $2.89 each- $.50/1 (5/17 SS-use two of these!)- $1/2 meijer coupon= $2.78 for two! Then use the coupon for $1/off fresh beef when you buy 2 from the same insert. I found some small steaks for $1.50 so after that coupon only paid $.50/each for the steak!

8. McCormick gril mate spices on sale for $1.66 each - $.50/1 (5/3 RP- use 3 of these) - $1/3 meijer coupon= $.99 for 3 spices! If you don't have 3 of the insert coupons, its still only going to be $.66 each with each coupon from 5/3 Red Plum.

9. Superpretzels soft pretzels (in freezer) $1.36- $.75/1 (5/10 RP)= FREE

10. Chi-Chi salsa $1- $.55/1 (5/17 SS)= FREE

11. Hidden Valley Ranch (I know some are partial to this brand!) $2.33- $1.50/2 ( - $1/2 from Meijer coupon= $1.08 for each bottle.


1. Quaker Rice cakes $1- $1/off (3/29 RP)= FREE
2. MARS candy (at checkout) $.33/each = $.17 each!!
3. Dial soap $1- $.55/1 ( = FREE (Don't forget you can hit back arrow then refresh to print 2nd copy!).

I'm sure there is more- but after my meijer trip, that was all I went in for!


12 count boxes of Poptarts $2.33/each. If you buy 5 you get a $5 Target giftcard back. Combine with $1/2 coupons (I think in the 4/5 paper- use 2) and use 5 of the target $.50/1 coupons here: to get 5 boxes for: $11.65/5- $1/2(x2)- $.50/1 (x5)-$5giftcard= $2.15 for 5 boxes of 12 ct. pop tarts!again, even if you don't have the $1/2 coupons- still a good deal at $4.15 for 5 boxes!

Finally- don't forget if you need the coupons I have listed, you can purchase most at: but keep in mind when the in-store sales end and that it may take a few days to arrive. I usually try to order as soon as I see the ads for the next week and they usually arrive just in time for me to use for that week.

So today the NEW Giant Eagle ad comes out (starts tomorrow) so I'll go through and order for that ad and they should arrive in time for me to use by next Wed. when the ad ends.

I'll do the same on Sat. or Sunday for next week's Meijer and Kroger deals.


Thanks to Buffy for all her hard work. I suspect this doesn't apply just to the Columbus, Ohio, area. ~Linda


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