Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kroger Triple Coupons This Week?

We are on the road right now, but some of my blogs are saying that Albertsons and Kroger are having triple coupons (Up to $1) this week. (Memorial weekend.) My coupons are missing me as I forgot to pick them up from the kitchen table when we left for a mini-vacation!

Buffy, if you are reading this, could you please leave a comment on this blog http://goldencoupons.blogspot.com and let us know if this is for the Kroger in Columbus, Ohio? And, does this mean our $1 coupons are good for $2, or just coupons up to 99 cents will be doubled?.. I have several who follow this blog for local information and I'd sure not want to let my new members miss a big one!

With the coupons, there are several FREE items.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We took an extra day on the road!

Carver Creek is selling out to the riches of St. Louis, and the entire area was devastated by some tornado-looking damage. I have pictures when I return.

Take Care on the Journey,

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Anonymous said...

Hi ALL! I checked the Kroger ad and I called my local Kroger and spoke with Customer Service- the ad did not have anything about triples and Customer Service said "no triples just normal doubles." For what its worth- they usually do the triples on weeks when there have been no coupons and when their ads are filled with deals on kroger brand items (thus difficult to combine good deals with coupons) and this week's ad would fit the bill...so keep your heads up- sometimes they will "surprise" customers with 1-2 days of triples without advertising. Hopefully the Customer Service rep I spoke with is holding out on us! If I hear anything different, I will post here as well!