Thursday, May 21, 2009

Target, Coupons, and Managers

(I'm on vacation, you know.)...

Many serious couponers know that sometimes we get raised eyebrows and even a few very rude cashiers or managers when we hand them a fist full of coupons. That happened to me at Target today. (I've heard that Target can be pretty stuffy about accepting coupons.)

A few days ago they accepted the $1 Bandaid coupon for small boxes of colorful Bandaids that usually cost 99 cents. (They are not trial sizes.) I was happy about that, so today I went back for a few more. (As you might recall, I plan to use them for little kid bribe gifts when I do a photo shoot next week.) I also picked up six Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits for 99 cents to put with my $1 J&J coupons for that.

Well, Target has decided (per management) that they won't accept coupons for $1 for items that cost 99 cents. (They did last week. But they 'had a meeting about coupons', according to the manager today.)

I was quietly polite although slightly embarrassed at my decision to tell them to cancel my entire order and return all my coupons to me. In the past, sweet Linda would have been too 'nice' to say anything and would have just sucked it up and paid for everything I didn't want. ha ha

My reaction was made much easier after the cashier yelled loudly across all lanes for the manager to 'help with these coupons', after which he came over and unpacked everything from my two grocery bags to determine what would take a coupon and what would not. The cashier made the comment, "You aren't using those coupons in my lane!"

I couldn't resist one little comment to the manager. I said, "I was very careful to select the right products for the coupons. Target took these last week, but the bloggers on the web have said that Target is not very coupon friendly."

On the other hand, when you use both a Target coupon and a manufactures coupon (stacking), it can sure make things pretty cheap. So, perhaps it's worth going back at a different time of day and case out a nicer cashier. LOL

Be Wise. Be Careful. Be Nice.


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