Sunday, May 17, 2009

Zillions of Coupons Today

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Welcome to my English Professor, Denise L., whom I've added to this site posting list. Now I really must watch my p's and q's! (I can't find my notes on this, but I think she told us to put apostrophes in there.)

Today's paper (May 17, 2009) had four fat coupon booklet inserts, so there should be something for everyone!

Also, check out the USA Weekend because there are some coupons in there for Hefty trash bags and VIVA paper towels. It looks like Big Lots has a good special on Hefty trash bags too, and I have lots of coupons for $1 off. My goal is to spend no more than 25 cents a 30-gallon bag, but maybe I can do even better.

I'm to the point where if it isn't sinfully FREE, I don't need it for most items, so please feel free to leave me an email with your requests for extra coupons. (All I ask is that you obtain your own Sunday paper so you can pick out the coupons you want more of.)

Those Knorr Rice Sides are still on sale at Giant Eagle, (through Wednesday, May 20), and with the 75 cent coupons doubled, they cost only 25 cents a package. I like to use them as starters and add mushrooms, olives, and maybe extra veges and/or meats to the package for our supper.

I have links somewhere to on how to get free apples at Target.
I believe if you are on my website, you can click the Target icon on the left and find that information. Don't forget, you can print out your Target coupons AT THE STORE, and you can add a second manufacture's coupons to the Target coupon.

Feel free to leave a comment on my blog. Click the word 'comment' at the end. Sign in as anonymous if it's easier. Or, send me an email from your personal email site.

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Ginger said...

Hi Linda!

Thanks for hosting my blog button for Attention Target Shoppers! It is much appreciated.

I'd like to add that if you receive the "Parade" magazine insert in your newspaper there are 3 coupons in that today.

Coupons on my coupon printer have reset if anyone wants yet more Kraft brand coupons. :)

Thanks again!

Heather Prenger said...

Thats interesting, I never thought about printing coupons at the store. I guess that must be at the service desk?

Linda Meikle said...

I went to Target today to check out the printing part. Yes, there are three 'machines' near the service desk, but I had to ask for help to figure out how to print target coupons. After printing out two, they were out of those items. Guess if it's FREE, one should not delay! I did use a Target coupon and a manufactor coupon for cheese and it was accepted. That made a bag of Kraft grated cheese for only $1 each!

BTW, I have many Bandaid coupons, and the 10-packs of Bandaids are only 97 cents, so they are not only free, they are a money-maker. I'm collecting them to hand out to the kids when I do a photo shoot later this month!