Monday, June 01, 2009

Coupon Deals This Week (Starting June 1, 2009)

My friend, Buffy, sent me this in an e-mail that she enjoys me sharing here on the website. She lists the possible coupon/sales from coupons this week in the Columbus, Ohio, area. I believe there's another e-mail that I haven't opened yet as I just got home from school. Check this out and check back for more.

Buffy wrote...Walgreens has Chinet paper plates on sale for $1.50. Use this coupon to get them for $.50! There are also some coupons from a recent paper (I *THINK* it was the 5/3 SS but not sure) for $1.00/off.

This same coupon (or in the same paper I *THINK* was the 5/3 SS) there are $2.00/off Chinet coupons that can also be used at Giant Eagle through Wednesday. They have sets of Chinet on sale for $2.50 (bigger sets with more plates) that if you use the $2/off are also $.50.

NEW COUPONS loaded today at: (some new, some old)

At Meijer this week:

1. Daisy sour cream $1.50- $.60 ( = $.30

2. Betty Crocker fruit snacks: $1.50- $.50/2 ( $1/4 meijer Q= $3 for 4 boxes ($.75/each).

3. Not the greatest deal but if you like Motts products- they are on sale for $1.66 each. Use the Meijer $1/2 coupons to get Motts juice or applesauce products for $1.16/each.

4.Chex Mix $1- $.50 ( for FREE Chex mix.

5. Betty Croker Brownie SUPREME varieties- $1.66- $.75/2 ( $.91/box.

6. Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad (box mix) $1.25-$.40 ( $.45. Also, if you buy 4 boxes you can use the $1/4 Meijer coupon with this deal as well, but it would only work if you had a way to print 4 of these coupons from IF you have all 5 coupons- it would be 4 boxes for $.20/each.

7.Betty Crocker icing $1.50- $.50 ( =$.50/each.

8. Crystal Light Unsure of shelf price but there are $1/off coupons on and also $1/off coupons that can be combined at for good savings!

9. Splenda products- unsure of shelf price but they are 25% off AND there are coupons on for $1/off.

Kroger ad is sparse and nothing that excited me. There are Lunchables with drinks for $2 and there WERE coupons on for $1 of these which would be a good price- but last I checked there weren't any of those left to print- but if you have them still from when they were up- good deal.

There is a catalina (coupon printed after purchase at register) If you buy 4 crystal lights (can use coupons mentioned above) you'll get coupon for $2/off your next purchase at Kroger (can be used on ANYTHING at your next purchase.). If you are at Kroger or prefer to use the Crystal Light coupons this way. OK, that's all I have for now! Buffy

From Linda...I haven't verified this yet, but I saw where you can use coupons for free Reach Dental products at Kroger. You can read all about it at this link HERE . I do have extra Reach coupons for the asking!!!!

I'll post more as Buffy so kindly sends to me. Buffy gives you the information on the good deals. I give you extra coupons. Now how nice is that?

Happy Shopping. Save some for me. LOL


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