Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's True. K-Mart to Double Coupons to $2 June 7-13!

The word is that even if you call K-Mart, they won't know if they are having double coupons or not! But, I went to the online flier that starts at 0800 in the morning in my zip code, and IT says double coupons up to $2.

That means any of your $1 coupons will double to $2. Unlike our grocery stores where a $1 coupon is worth only $1. I like to stock up on pet food, small containers of laundry detergent, personal items, and bath items.

If you want to find out if your state is having the doubles, look up how to locate a K-Mart store, enter your zip code for the weekly ad and actually look at the ad online. Front page, lower part of the page should indicate coupon status.

I'm finally signing off for the night.
Sweet dreams of Good Deals and Free Meals,


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