Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Food at Kroger and Meijer. Thanks, Buffy

Between school and getting ready to photograph a very big wedding this weekend, I'm swamped, but my friend, Buffy, sent some good information for Good Deals in the Columbus, Ohio, area this week. (Not much time left. Sorry.)

Kroger deals go through Monday, June 28 at 7 a.m. . Meijer deals end at Sunday at 6 a.m., so you have Saturday night to get his week's sales at Meijers.

Here's the information Buffy sent us.

"I got some GREAT deals and lots of FREE stuff this week at Kroger! Some of you already got some of this info, but in case you haven't...

1. Angel Soft TP 4pack $.99- $.50Q from 6/21 RP (red plum)= FREE. Coupon says on 6 roll or larger but works just fine on the 4 packs.

2. Ragu $1.20 (when you buy 10 participating items)- $.60/Q (5/17 RP)=FREE. Again coupon specifies what type of Ragu but you can use it on ANY just fine!

3. Colgate toothpaste certain kinds $1.50- $.75/Q (6/14 Smart Source [SS])=FREE toothpaste

4. Colgate toothbrushes certain kinds $1.50-$.75Q (6/14 SS)=FREE

5. Kraft BBQ sauce $.99 (or $.69 if you buy 10 participating items)-$.75Q (6/14SS)=FREE

6. Poptarts 8ct. boxes $1.61-$.55Q (I believe these were in 6/7 paper)= $.51/box

MY Kroger also had these manager specials but I'm not sure if they all will:

1. Lean pockets select varieties $1.25-$.50Q (5/17SS)=$.25

2. Edwards pie singles $1.25-$.75Q (5/10 SS)= FREE


1. Mayo $2-$.75Q (6/21 SS) + use the Meijer coupon ( go to resources and use the Meijer coupon generator to print these) for $1/2 meijer you will buy 2 use 2 of the $.75/off coupon and the one meijer coupon and get 2 mayo for FREE!!

For the newbies- at Meijer and Target- you can print coupons for Meijer and Target at go to "resources" and use the coupon generators to print however many you want! These can be use WITH manufacture coupons for extra savings- so you CAN USE 1 manufacturer coupon AND 1 Meijer/Target coupon for EACH item purchased!

2. Meijer Kraft dressings $1.50-$1Q (6/21 SS)= $.50 salad dressing

3. V8 fruit juice $1.66- $1 coupons (4/19 SS)= $.66 each (coupon says for V8 fusion but works FINE on these kinds as well)

4. Soft pretzels are $1.36- $.75Q (?? which paper)= FREE soft pretzels

5. Coke products 4 for $10- $1/off coupons from = 4 for $6

6. Kelloggs cereals large boxes $1.99- $1Q (6/7 SS)=$1.00/box

7. Poptarts 12 count boxes $1.99-$.55Q(6/7SS)=$.90/box but the Kroger deal is better deal.


PS. IF anyone needs the link to save $5 on your next 3 Giant Eagle trips- let me know I can forward it to you- you just watch a 2 minute video and enter your advantage card # at the end!"

From Linda: I watched the 2-minute video (a video about getting free gas at Giant Eagle), and got $15 free credit at Giant Eagle this week. It shows up automatically when you check out. The cashier will ask you if you want to use your $5 credit. You must have a Giant Eagle store card.

Wish me good luck with the wedding. I'm on Motrin around the clock right now to keep the my back from going into spasms every time I lift the camera!!! It might be the last big wedding I ever do if my back doesn't hold up tomorrow!

Take Care on the Journey,


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