Saturday, June 06, 2009

Spent 74 cents! Saved $37. Lost My Coupons!

Tonight at Kroger, I spent 74 cents and saved $37.00. Whooo Whooo!

The cashier said, "I'm going to tell my mom about you!"

I wish Buffy was in town because the Pillsbury Crescent rolls were on sale for $.10 (10 cents) each. Not only did I get a lot of rolls, (and left a lot on the shelf for someone else), but I used all my Pillsbury coupons as if I were paying full price. And, those coupons were tripled tonight! You never know when you're going to need unexpected coupons. My sister says she always carries hers in the car. I truck mine in and out, so I can keep them updated easier.

At Giant Eagle, I "tested" two different coupons. When they went through, I returned and used the rest of those coupons for the same brand of food, but not the same item. One was $1.50 off Steamfresh frozen Meals for Two on frozen Steamfresh veges that didn't say Meals for Two. (Got them for 50 cents each.) The other was for cookies. Same brand. Different cookies! Sometimes you get by with not getting the exact same thing the coupon is for, but MOST of the time you don't!

Unfortunately, I left one of my coupon containers with all my coupons in the grocery cart at Giant Eagle and didn't miss it until I got to Kroger. Frantically I dashed back to Giant Eagle, but no one had seen it. I searched all the carts outside, but it was almost dark and I didn't see it anywhere. As I was walking back to my car, I spotted it in a cart I had already looked in!!!!

Boy was I happy! And thankful, as usual.

So, it was a good ending, and happy, happy shopping.
Stay with me. We'll get some great grocery shopping done!


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