Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kroger Triple Coupons MAY Start On June 4

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I don't like to keep giving false hope, but according to another blog, some Ohio Kroger stores have announced they will offer triple coupons starting Thursday, June 4. Here's the quote I copied from HERE.

From the blog...

"I just talked with a customer service rep from my local Kroger store (St. Clairsville, Ohio), and our store is tripling coupons up to 50 cents again this week! The event begins on Thursday. The rep I spoke with thought that the triples would go through Sunday, but she wasn't totally sure. I'm going to gather my stuff up and try to head in before then! Please leave a comment below if you know that your store is tripling. As always, call ahead to make sure that your store is participating."

Sorry Florida and other states. We'll get something good for you.

Buffy can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think up to 50 cents means that a 50 cent coupon will triple to 1.50 (and they give overage). A 35 cent coupon will triple to $1.50. If I remember Kroger, they will put most of their sale prices on Kroger products that don't use manufacture coupons, but then we all might get better deals without using our coupons!

Triple Happy Shopping!

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