Saturday, June 06, 2009

Buffy Provides More Electronic Savings Links

Buffy has already left us a comment in response to my posting Quadruple Your Savings alerting us to some additional places to add more electronic savings in addition to coupons! (Or even without coupons!)

I don't know if you have read the comment section of my posting, but in case you haven't, she says others are , , and something Kroger also has called Bringing Hope to the Table. Here is the link for that one:

I actually loaded some items from the "table" site, but when I got to the store they weren't on sale and I was really tired, so I don't think I got that far.

Something that really helps is to make of list of what's on sale that you want to buy with your coupons, cellfire or Bringing Hope to the Table. I put the list sticking out of my purse as I walk around the store also checking for blinkies!!!!

Should any of these links not work, please do a google search for the correct links. Don't give up! Ask if you run into questions.

Hope this helps many of you enjoy shopping as a Professional Couponer!


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