Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Coupons Coming 3/14/2010 Reese Cups FREE with doubled coupons.

I've had a sneak peek at the coupons for tomorrow, and can't wait for the Sunday coupons this week!

For me, I'm collecting all the 55-cent coupons for the dark chocolate Reese candy bars for at least two of my boys who love them. (John and Philip). Hey, Philip, there will be another box of chocolates for you and your Algebra classes soon!

I also see coupons for pasta sauce, Land O Lakes butter (makes that 20 cents a container), Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals ($2 off, so that should be free), Cottonelle TP (50 cents making that free when it's on sale), Welch's Juice (75 cents off), Heinz Steak Sauce ($2 off making that free when on sale - I have several family members I give that to), and Suave body wash that most of my friends and family already have so much of. ha ha

If you want to see the list of coupons that should be out tomorrow, click HERE. (It might not be the exact same for each part of the country.)

I'll see you at the store!

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