Sunday, April 18, 2010

If You Crave It, I Have A Coupon For It! 100's of FREE Coupons!

Today's Smart Source and Red Plum held lots of coupons, but I only found one good sale to match them this weekend. I will save several for a time when I find good sales to match my coupons.

It looks like Kroger may have some good sales starting on Monday. Everyone has different needs and eating habits, so I usually avoid posting specific deals unless it's really FREE, because this posting goes all over the United States.

I have a "new" notebook for my coupons that I'm very happy about. (Google picture posted). It's a big, blue, zip-up style that I pulled out of the back of my closet. (Actually, hubby's closet.) The nice flannel bag that held my smaller notebook got full of holes.
I like this one better. It's easier to manage when I put it in the cart. At checkout, I can just zip it up instead of trying to poke it back into the bag. I always remember one more coupon I want as I'm checking out, and I was always pulling it back out of the bag again. I carry about 400 different kinds of coupons (and many extras of each one) when I shop!

There are 75-cent coupons in today's paper (SS 4/18) for Dole Fruit Crisps. These look like they would be excellent for lunches. They can be enjoyed hot or cold. Kroger had these on sale today for 2/$4, so with the 75-cent doubled to $1.50, they only cost 50-cents. There are two containers in each set making them only 25-cents a serving!
For pet-lovers, there's a $2 coupon for ANY size Purina ONE dry cat food. I already have tons of Purina cat food, but have cut these out in case anyone would like some.
As I was changing coupon bags, I pulled out hundreds of extra coupons that I won't use even though some of it will be free. My cupboards runnith over!!!! My closet is filled to the brim. The storage/washroom is packed to the gills!!! The freezer is stuffed!!! Many of these coupons expired on March 31, so I'm sending them to a military base in Turkey. I sent some a few weeks ago and got a nice thank-you note by email.
Come to think of it, I did hurry over to Meijer's today for the sale on Pepperidge Farm crackers and cookies even though I didn't have a coupon for them. They are my 'breakfast food'. (Sorry, all you Oatmeal, eggs and toast folks.) They are on sale this week 3/$5 or $1.66 each. They usually cost $3.99 a bag. I should go back and get a bunch for youngest son's Algebra class!!!!
I'm exhausted tonight, and still want to post on the Linda's Notebook blog, so will close this blog and open another.
Please feel free to email me with your coupon requests. It's only a postage stamp for anywhere in the USA!!!!
If you crave it, I have coupons for it. :))))
Your friend in life - and in coupons!!!

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