Friday, April 02, 2010

Sorry, PS to Double Coupons at K-Mart

If I didn't enjoy getting up early on my day off, I might completely skip this K-Mart coupon special going on April 4-10, 2010.

Now I find out you must have a Shopyourway rewards card to qualify for the double coupons. It only took me a minute to fill out my personal information and print out a temp card HERE, but I'll bet they let the person ahead of me go through without the card and with 20 coupons when the limit is five coupons. Then, they set the limit on me if I happen to have two coupons stuck together! I've seen that happen more than once, and it is quite frustrating.

They also jack up the prices on many items AND don't stock items that are most the popular money-savers like Pampers, and personal items. So watch out for that.

Having given you that heads-up, don't give up! Just be alert and plan ahead for what you want with those special double reward coupons.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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