Sunday, April 11, 2010

FREE DelMonte Fruit Cups at Meijer April 11-17, 2010

It takes a little work and monitoring the cashier, but the DelMonte Fruit cups are $1.99 on sale this week at Meijer. The DelMonte coupon in today's paper for 75-cents (RP 4/11) will double to $1.50 AND has a stackable coupon for 50-cents.

At our Meijer, they will only double two of the same coupons at a transaction, so if you get more than two, make it another transaction.

Also, today I noticed it didn't double the 75-cent coupon at first, but I brought it to the attention of the cashier to fix it.

Then, it didn't want to accept the Meijer 50-cent coupon as it should have. The cashier also had to apply that.

It I hadn't said something, she would have never noticed - or even cared. She seemed puzzled by coupons at all.

I shoulda gone with the older non-smiling cashier!!!

Don't forget you can actually order those 75-cent off coupons at several coupon sites including eBay and or HERE for that website. I've ordered from couponsthingsbydede several times. Great, FAST, service. A fraction of what you will pay for the product.

NEXT, if you want the extra 50-cents off meijer coupon, please go HERE to find that.
Click on the MealBox and the word "specials" to scroll for all the coupons you can add to your manufactures' coupons. You will need to print them out on your printer.

Okay, it sounds all complicated, but after you do it the first time, it will feel so good to know you can do it now... Don't give up, and please feel free to email me if any questions.

Here's to a summer full of Good Deals and Free Meals!!!

Take Care on the Journey,
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