Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Deals in Columbus with Triple Coupons at Kroger

Buffy sent out a list of good deals she found today at Kroger (triple coupons up to 50 cents through Sunday), and some at Meijers. Don't forget to check out the Meijer website for their coupons you can use in combination with manufacturer's coupons. Also, I might have extra coupons. Please send me an e-mail if you are looking for certain coupons.

Before I post Buffy's list, I want to tell you what a wonderful time I had today showing one of my friends how to shop with coupons at Kroger!!! She saved lots of money, and I spent only $2.

Here's a SECRET!!!! Sunday's paper will only have the Red Plum Insert. (My printed list says NO COUPONS), but it will have a Red Plum AND a coupon for Angel Soft TP, that you can use for FREE TP at Kroger. Here's the SECRET (small letters/come close).

The coupon says 6-roll, but the store has been accepting the 4-roll package on sale for 10/$10 without problems.

Here's Buffy's list:

KROGER (tripling coupons through Sunday)
1. SunnyD $1- $.25 (2/7 SS)= $.25 after tripled.
2. Chef Boyardee small microwaveable pastas $1- $.40/1 (1/10 SS- coupons says on the larger size but I used these this morning and no beeping or problems at all).
3. Lipton soup mix $1.58- $.40/1 (1/31 RP)= $.38/each
4. Lady speedstick deodorant (smaller ones) $1.79-$.50/1 (1/31 SS)= $.29/each
5. BIC razors $6.31 and they are on sale B1G1 FREE...then use a B1G1 Free coupon (1/10 SS)...means buy 1 at $6.31 and get 3 free. Cost= $1.58/each
6. Suave deodorant $1-$.50/1 (1/31 RP)= FREE
7. Hillshire Farm smoked sausage $4.39 and B1G1 Free- $1/2(1/31 RP)= $3.39/2 or $1.69/each
8. Softsoap $.88- $.35/1 (1/31 SS)= FREE
9. Hunt snack pack pudding $1- $.30/2 (1/10 SS)= $.55/each after coupon tripled.
10. Trident layers gum (new) $1.19- $.75/1 (2/7 SS)= FREE


1. Smart taste Ronzoni pasta $1.69- $.75/1 (12/6 SS)= $.19/each
2. Triedent layers gum (new) $1.49-$.75/1 (2/7 SS)= FREE
3. Aunt Millies buttertop bread- white and wheat $1- $.55/1 (1/10 SS coupon says a different variety but worked without problem on this)= FREE
4. Quaker rice cakes $1.77- $.75/1 (1/10 RP)= $.27/each
5. Welch's grape jelly $2.09- $.75/1(1/3 SS)= $.59/each
6. Hotpockets $2- $.75/1 (1/31 RP- coupon says on 'sideshots' but worked without any problem on regular hotpockets for me this morning)= $.50/each

Hope this helps!

(From Linda) Before you ask, at least until tomorrow when I might get more Red Plum coupons, I don't have any Angel Soft or Trident gum coupons left.

Happy Valentines to everyone!!!!
Your Friend in Life,

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