Monday, February 08, 2010

Kroger Triple Coupons In The Air

Besides lots of snow flying around here in Central Ohio, there are whispers of triple coupons coming our way.

Several blogs are mentioning Kroger triple coupons coming to Ohio. I called my local Kroger tonight to ask if they had just had one that I might have missed this weekend, or if they knew of any scheduled Kroger triple coupon events here in Columbus.

The young man who checked for me said they didn't have one last weekend, and he didn't see any information about any upcoming events.

This only means that we need to keep our ear to the ground. I'll post any information that I get, but it has been awhile since we had triples in our area.

One blog said that Mansfield, Ohio, will have triple coupons up to 50 cents on February 12-14. Sometimes we don't know until we see the sign on the door.

Watch those signs and blow the whistle for us if you find one!

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