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Four Coupon Insert Booklets for Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010

There are lots of coupons to select from this weekend! (Sunday's paper, February 7, 2010)

Philip, see your little message further down. :-)))

I'm going to post a few that mean something to me, although everyone uses different things, and I may miss something you really like. You can e-mail me to request any coupon. PLEASE try to name the booklet AND the date, or I might not be able to find your coupon(s) even if I have them. Thanks.

Remember you can click the link on the left-hand side of this page for complete lists created by many stay-at-home moms and other men and women who do this far better than I do!

RedPlum Insert 2/7/10...

We don't have a dog anymore, but I always got FREE Chef Michael's Purina Dry Dinners with this $2 off coupon. They make a small bag that costs about $2 and usually hangs on a clip in the dog food isle. There are also lots of other Purina coupons this week.

Coffee-Mate will be FREE sometime with this 50 cent coupon when it's doubled and on sale.

A box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal can cost about 88 cents with this $1-off coupon when it's on sale at Kroger for $1.88 (or less).

Millstone Coffee has a $2-off coupon for those who use that coffee. (I don't drink coffee.)
(Sorry, JoAnn, I didn't find any Maxwell House Coffee coupons you requested.)

There's the famous $2-off coupon for ALL Laundry soap again. It says 50-oz size but everybody around here takes it for any size. I got mine for 50 cents a bottle (32 loads) last month when Giant Eagle put them in a cart at a discount for $2.50. (They were all gone before I left the store!) (And, I didn't take them all.)

Crest toothpaste will be FREE again with the 75 cents off coupon when it's on sale at Kroger and sometimes Giant Eagle. (Hey Philip, you could give away toothpaste if you run out of cookies.)

P&G Coupon Booklet 2/7/10

One-Day Pass to Sam's Club coupon. Good until February 21. I have many coupons!

$2 off on Venus razors are also on sale this week at Walgreens. Combine the two for a great deal.

$5 Clairol Haircolor Perfect 10 is good to hold for that to be on sale someplace. It usually costs about $12 a box.

$4-off Gillette Fusion Razor and $2-off Gillette body wash.

$1.50-off on Pampers. I don't use these at all, but if you do, please ask for my coupons.

Crest coupons in this booklet will get more free Crest toothpaste. (No wonder all my friends and family say, "Linda/Mom, We don't need any more toothpaste!")

Smart Source 2/7/2010

50 cents off Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner doubled at Meijers sometimes make this almost free. Those sales and the coupons sometimes combine with Meijer coupons that can be STACKED with these manufactures' coupons. THEN it's free.

NutriPal has a $3 off on one 4-pack. Don't know what this is, but suspect someone has kids that drink this.

Oh yeah, Birds Eye Steamfresh and Freshlike Vege's will be FREE with these 50 cent coupons doubled at our grocery stores. In fact, Giant Eagle has them on sale this week for $1 each making them FREE. My freezer is too full, so I'll share.

Archway cookies have a $1-off coupon, and when they are on sale for $2, we get Jim's favorite cookie snack treat for only $1. I won't share too many (if any) of these, but just know it's a great deal for those Archway consumers.

There are several Campbell's Soup coupons. Always goooood.

Theraflu $2-off. I don't need these, but can be good for someone.

Hershey's Bliss $1-off and a decent sale will make these coupons useful. Especially near Valentine's Day!

25 cents off on Sunny D will be great (but not the best coupon) if on sale for $1 each. I usually wait for the 50 cent coupon, and get it free.

$1-off on Schick Disposable Razor is also on sale this week at Walgreens and can be combined.

"G" Booklet 2/7/2010

It's a small booklet and the things I liked were the Pillsbury, Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and $1/3 General Mills coupon. I'm always looking for the best deal on Honey Nut Cheerios!.

That's it for now. Have you been over to the Dusty Angels "Linda's Notebook" blog to see all my snow pictures from this weekend? Click HERE.

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