Saturday, February 27, 2010

No More Sunday Paper - Free Coupons!

Very few hits on this blog means I need to get busy and post some good stuff!!!!

This weekend my coupon fairy left me DOUBLE coupon inserts, so I am one very happy coupon princess!!!! Thank-you, coupon fairies. (Mr. & Mrs.)

A sudden inspirational thought dawned on me this morning....You don't need to buy the Sunday paper to get good deals, free meals, and lots of coupons!

I'm going to post a link to the three coupon websites who place inserts into the Sunday paper. You can click on these websites and find the listed coupons you would like to use, and then email me for the coupons. If you want a larger amount of coupons for a particular product, I can lead you to a website where you can purchase them for almost nothing.

Not all sections of the country get the same coupons every week, but we can work around that.

Hope this helps as you learn to SAVE and SHOP.

Here are the links: Good Luck!

SmartSource - Most every Sunday

Red Plum - Most every Sunday

P&G - Comes out once a month. Site might be difficult to navigate.

Your Coupon Friend,

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