Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coupon Hopping Once Again! October 18, 2010

We've been in Colorado (from Ohio) for going on three months now! How time flies! Today was the first day I actually took my big coupon book and went grocery shopping with a plan - and coupons!!!!

I was spoiled in Ohio because my newspaper carrier left extra coupons every Sunday. Here I have to buy the extra papers, and it's not something want to do. So, my coupons are only one or two at a time.

At Scoopers (called Kroger in Ohio), they have a 10/$10 sale this week. In order to make sure I got the minimum quantities, I put a smaller carrier in my cart and put those items in there. (You don't have to get 10 of each item, just a total of 10 of those that are in that sale.) That helped a lot for less confusion on how many of the 10/$10 I had in my cart, so I would get the free $5 at checkout AND get the reduced price for getting 10.

I tried to use my coupons also on those special cost items. I hear there is a much bigger and nicer "Kroger" close to where we live, so I'm going there next time.

At Target, I matched the store $1 coupon with a manufactures $1 coupon to get dark chocolate kisses for only 99-cents a bag. I like them frozen!

At Walgreens, I was very disappointed that they wouldn't take my $3 off Nieva body wash making it free. They said it was only for men's body wash. I could have gotten some for hubby for free, but he has a closet-full of body wash already! I did go ahead and get cans of black olives and jars of green olives for 99-cents each.

So, in the future I hope to give you more up-to-date coupon deals and free meals now that I'm getting back on track.

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life and coupons,

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