Friday, August 13, 2010

Update From Denver

Wow! What a difference a month makes! I'm having trouble even getting a Sunday paper's worth of coupons, much less the "extras" that I'm used to. This last Sunday, I bought two Sunday papers from a machine, and neither of them had the Smart Source or Red Plum.

I called the Denver newspaper office, and they said that coupons couldn't be guaranteed in the paper that you buy off the street. Only the home delivery. Seriously!!!! Take me back to my "coupon guaranteed" city in Ohio! I signed up for the 'home delivery' Sunday paper. They wanted me to pay for one year in advance, but I declined. Said I'd wait to see what coupons they really gave me.

I'm still trying to figure out where to get the weekly fliers for Kroger, ...err..., it's called King Soopers here, but the deals are the same. We got the fliers in today's mail, but the ads started yesterday, and I like to be a little more ahead of the game.

We live right next to a Super Target, but I never liked them in Columbus. They were too rude and picky about coupons. But, it looks like I need to forgive and forget past prejudices. ha ha

In the meantime, the pantry here is full. The garage is packed. Closets are stuffed, and I even have a stash under the bed. There's time to get my act together and move forward with continued Good Deals and Free Meals!!!!

I'll keep in touch.

Your friend and life and coupons,

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