Friday, July 02, 2010

July 4, 2010

Just in case you're on the computer instead of watching the fireworks - both in the sky and around the house with everybody HOME and in your SPACE - I thought I'd drop a line to let you know I'm alive and well.

I believe the only coupons in the Sunday paper this weekend will be the P&G, but it is a favorite for some of us, so we will hope to enjoy several copies.

My computer and my iPhone have been mysteriously losing my favorite things in the last few days. In My Favorite section of my computer, the link for all my coupons blogs has completely disappeared!!!!

I had to click on my own blog to find out what's going on in the local grocery stores.

Today, I tried a simple download of my photos from my iPhone and completely LOST every single program in my phone. I couldn't even make or receive calls. The simple message indicated in Spanish how to call for emergency - the word for emergency was in Spanish, but I understood it. That dropped my heart right down to the basement!!!

But, techno tinker that I am, I got on Google and searched for answers and programs that my iPhone needed to come alive again (iTunes 9.2), and after MANY hours at the computer, WE are up and running fine as a fiddle once again.

For those who understand these things and want slightly additional information, I think that Outlook on my computer does not save addresses, so when my iPhone does a sync, it can't reload numbers back into my phone like it's suppose to.

Many others have encountered this same problem, and are not very kind to Apple when complaining about it on the web!!!! Of course, losing 400 contacts, as some have done, is a serious injustice!

Using a suggestion I found on Google, I created an contact list on my Yahoo account and then 'instructed' my iPhone to get that information from my Yahoo account instead of Outlook.

The other problem started when I accidentally stopped my computer from downloading (or is it uploading?) (or is it upgrading) my iTunes, so when the iPhone tried to complete the sync, it had nothing to work with. (OK. I thought it was stuck and wasn't loading.)

After fixing all that, (I like to call it a 'work-around"), I gritted my teeth, plugged my iPhone into the computer and asked it to sync again. Whew. It worked. There are some little changes such as now I can use ZOOM when I take a picture on my phone. I lost my wallpaper, but simply changed it to a picture of the Rocky Mountains that I took while I was in Denver.

Back to coupons, I believe that even the managers have gone to the lake or taken a summer vacation because I haven't found many good deals around town this week. (Except for Finish at Drug Mart).

So, don't worry that you are stuck with cleaning the grill and taking out large bags of trash. You haven't missed much coupon deals, and others are glad to have you around to take care of all the little things that make for happy family time on the 4th of July.

Happy Fireworks! **** {{{{ }}}} \\\\ ****
(Not as good as Red, White and Boom, but what do you expect from a computer?) lol

Take Care on the Journey,
Your friend in life,

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Anonymous said...

I would be one of those sitting on their sofa, of course since I live in the boonies I can hear the fireworks from nearby towns and villages.