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Lots of Coupons Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey, the title above is the first time I've written 2010 in 2010. WooHoo!!!!

It's official, the new Blogger does not have a working spell checker.  And, when I copy and paste from a Word document, it puts everything triple spaced.  So, bear with me as I try my best to spell correctly!

Okay, this time I have the goods to prove it!  There are five coupon inserts for the upcoming Sunday paper.  (January 3, 2010.)  I already have mine, thanks to my Very Special Coupon Fairy.  As I've looked through, there seems to be a coupon for everyone!  My suggestion is to get one Sunday  paper (99 cents at the Drug Mart where I live), and email me if you want extras of any specific coupon.  It's first-come-first-served, of course.

I love the big, brown, paper bag that Office Max inserted into the bundle for this Sunday's paper. I've used up all the bags from the last time they did this.

There's lots of Listerine and toothpaste coupons for any age.  Colgate should be free when on sale using the doubled 75-cent coupon.  $1 off on Johnson's body care products.  A 55-cent coupon for ONE package of Hefty Waste Bags.  (That got me about 10 FREE boxes last summer when Kroger put them on sale 10/$10)  $1 off two Suave Shampoo and Conditioner makes them about 30 cents each when they are on sale.  A $2 off coupon for All Laundry soap (when used with the small bottle), makes that one almost free when on sale.

Barilla Plus pasta is better for us because of the added fiber, and the $1 off coupon when you buy two packages, makes them 50 cents a box when those are on sale for 10/$10.  (You don't have to buy 10 for the sale price.)

For my chiropractor family, (Ohio Chiropractic) in New Albany, Ohio, the $1 off coupon on DiGiorno Pizza should be appreciated by Dr. Greg.  They use mostly home grown, natural, products, but I think DeGiorno Pizzza is a little treat they enjoy once in a while.  I'm sure that Dr. Heather adds her own special, natural,  flavorful touches! 

The coupon I've been waiting for the longest is the FINISH Quantum Powerball dishwashing soaps.  Check out the weekly sale at Walgreens and I think you can get it free with the in-store rebate.  For me, I watch for the Meijer sale, and get it almost free.

A funny story is that last summer I got enough (almost) free coupons to give away about 25 of those boxes of FINISH Dishwasher detergents through Pantry 309, then one night, I reached for my own, and I was completely out. I had to go buy it at full price!  So, nobody's perfect!

You can get almost free Small Steps facial tissue, paper towels and bath tissue with the $1.50 off coupon.  There's Beech-Nut baby food coupons, Cottage Cheese, Campbell's Soup, V8 Juice, and so much more.

Okay, I think I've made my point.  LOL

Today is the first day of 2010, and I have New Year's Resolutions to make and places to go!  I'm going to write down some GOALS for the New Year too, and post them by my computer.  Please don't expect to see a tiny, little, skinny, Linda Meikle, walking down the street a year from now.  But, if I'm walking down the street (or around the block), that might be in my future.

The Best of Life in 2010,
Your Friend in Life,

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