Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sorry, I was wrong. P&G Coupons 12/27

My sister alerted me, and when I opened our Sunday paper today, I saw a nice, big, P&G insert!!!!

It was my loss too as I cancelled the extra papers today.  So sorry, folks.  I do have the one that came with our Sunday paper, and if you really want more, I'm sure the local gas station may have extras they will give you at a nice discount this late in the day.  (Hoping you see this on Sunday.)

My sister says we have better deals all the time in Ohio than she gets in Florida anytime.

Hope your long weekend was incredible. 

If you've been reading my dustyangels blog, you will know that we have one big thankfulness that my brother-in-law survived 'the big one', a heart attack last Tuesday, December 22.  He's home now.  He says he feels better than he has in months, and considers himself a very lucky man.  Gives appreciation to his wife (my sister) for calling 9-1-1 and getting him to the hospital in time!

PS - I downloaded the new version and Blogger and can't find the spell-checker!

Take Care on Your Journey,

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