Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Weekend at Pantry 309

I came home with five bags of Kroger groceries that cost me 27 cents today! That doesn't count the other great deals I got on the Russell Stover and Whitman chocolates, free Mentos, free frozen veges, and almost free Del Monte fruit. Strangely, I got free paper towels with a coupon that wasn't the right one, but the cashier took it without question, and Pantry 309 got a half dozen rolls of Brawny paper towels to share!

On the other hand, all this comparing and coupon sorting has taken most of the entire weekend!

I checked, and the Tony's Pizza was free today at Kroger with this Sunday's coupon. I got several for Pantry 309, but already have someone on her way to pick up the pizza. Lots of kids and free pizza make for a wonderful easy supper tonight.

Also, have given away some frozen veges (peas, corn, and rice) that I picked up free with coupons at Giant Eagle last night.

In addition to working on Pantry 309, I've almost completed a major paper for school for Concepts. It's already 17-pages on the subject of Healthcare Reform! I had it ready to turn in, but the instructor decided to ask us to use the most recent version of APA style, so I had to make some changes. (Thanks, Miss Denise, for your help on the new version.)

So, it's been a busy weekend! I'd love to stay home to wrap Christmas presents tomorrow and get them off in the mail. My little sister and my two sons will be missing their gifts if I don't get those packages in the mail soon!

Hold it together for two more weeks!
Keep smiling!


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