Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Deals for a New Week

Hi to my Sunday morning coupon class,

Here in Columbus, most of us couponers like to get our groceries at Kroger, Giant Eagle, and Meijers. (My sister in Tampa, Florida, shops at Publix.) At Kroger, I especially love to find a bright orange and red Manager's Special sticker on my favorite items! That's why I take time to cut out the coupons of my most-used items, and always carry them with me. You never know when you'll find those Manager's Specials. Some couponers do, and some don't. Whatever works for you is just fine.

If you are into taking more time, you can get a lot of free things at CVS and Walgreens too. Maybe when I'm out of school, I can devote more time to that area of using store incentives along with manf. coupons. In the meantime, I depend on my fellow couponers to alert me to 'unbeatable' deals there. Like, buy something for $3.99 and get a store coupon for $3.99 back!

Target and Meijer have their own coupons (online and in-store) that you can stack (use) with manufactures coupons, (DOUBLE-COUPON VALUE) but that also takes more time than I have right now, although I do try to check the online Meijer coupons to see if there are any items that I use a lot that make it worth the time and trouble. Last week would have been a great deal on Campbell's soup, but I have plenty, and I never got over there for the "stackable coupon" sale.

I do not find the Columbus Target store (near Easton) to be a friendly place for couponers. If it goes over by one penny, they won't let you use your coupon. They might have great deals, but I'll take friendly service with a smile over Target anytime.

One more important piece of information. Our local grocery stores are not on the same "sale week' schedules! Kroger starts new weekly sales on Monday. Giant Eagle starts on Thursday. Meijer starts on Sunday! So, when I post Buffy's 'best deals of the week", you need to remember which day those expire. I think I will try to post the actual date these sales are in effect for each store, to save any frustration for you.

I know on my 'sister' websites where I often go for local deals, if they don't post the posting date, I'm confused and sometimes even off by a week! I'll go to Kroger for the great sale on cereal only to find that sale went off the day before!

Right now, new weekly grocery sales are starting at Meijer today. According to the weekly grocery flyer NOT in the Sunday paper, but in those plastic bags hanging on your mailbox, Meijer has a few really great deals I want to take advantage of. Cheese is one of them. I'm sure Buffy will send her weekly expose' soon, and I'll pass that on.

Kroger sales for the week start Monday (tomorrow). And, I have through next Wednesday (December 23) to get those free Mentos at Giant Eagle (with the coupons I've collected).

As my husband likes to say, "If you can't keep up, take notes."
I always say, "Read the directions."

Take Care on the Journey,


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