Saturday, December 12, 2009

Russell Stover and Whitman Chocolates a STEAL at Drug Mart

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Did you ever want to give a nice, sweet, box of chocolates at Christmas time, but found them to be cost prohibitive? For instance, the Sunday paper (12-13-09) has Russell Stover "on sale" at Walgreens for $10 a box. NOT!!!
Sit up and take notice folks! Drug Mart in Columbus, Ohio, has Russell Stover and Whitman's on sale this week for $3.99/$4.99 AND there's a $1/$2-off coupon in this Sunday's paper. That makes them only $2.99 a box.
That's not all!!! They are already gift wrapped. Tonight (Saturday night), Drug Mart was already running the sale price. I started out buying a couple boxes, but went back for more when hubby and I remembered all the folks we have trouble getting something nice for without spending too much money. The young man checking me out said there was no limit and to "help myself", so I went ahead and used all the coupons I planned to use, and didn't have to make several trips trying to look inconspicuous. ha ha
Funny thing, though. The Whitman's coupon was on the back of the Tony's pizza coupon, so I missed that at first and bought all Russell Stover. (Hubby says that's better chocolate anyway.) Now I have some extra coupons for Whitman's if anybody is interested. Just e-mail me at or .
To clarify, the Whitman's is $4.99 at Drug Mart, but the coupon is for $2 off. The Russell Stover is $3.99 and the coupon is for $1 off. That makes either of them $2.99 after the coupon.
Speaking of Tony's pizza. If Kroger still has them on sale for $1 each (small size), they would be FREE with the 50-cent coupon also in this Sunday's paper. I haven't had time to double check, but this Sunday might be the last day of the Kroger sale.

Funny hubby. He is so happy at the thought of all this dark chocolate! I promised to save him an extra box for Santa to slip under the tree.
There were lots of coupons in this Sunday's paper that I could use. (My Coupon Fairy happened to stop by a day early, but don't tell anyone.)
There were extra coupons in my 'secret place" today also. (Those are usually gone within hours of being delivered.) I attribute that to so many people out Christmas shopping this weekend, that they aren't taking time for coupons. (It does take a lot of time.)

Take time to smell the roses - and share a box of chocolates!


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