Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$0.00 For Groceries Twice This Week

I feel a bit like a thief when the cashier looks at her cash register like she accidentally hit the delete button.

Before she rang up my groceries today, the cashier asked if I wanted to use my gas rewards of 7 percent. I smiled and said, "No thank-you" expected my coupons to cover the cost of this trip to the store, but not expecting the look of shock on her face when she realized that I owed her NOTHING.

Okay. I don't usually write about saving 75 percent or 80 percent with coupons. I've discovered people really don't enjoy those stories because they are reminded that it doesn't work that way for them.

This time, I just thought I'd encourage you to think about it, and let me help you get Good Deals and Free Meals by learning how to shop with coupons. Don't give up! Anyone can do it.

Keep Smiling and Reaching for the Goal,


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