Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kroger Triple Coupons Now! Sept. 25-27, 2009

That sneaky "hope-the-couponers-don't-find-out" Kroger is quietly running triple coupons again.

Someone sent me an e-mail asking how I know about these things. In this case, I have set up a Google notification that sends me an e-mail anytime the words "kroger triple coupons" is posted anywhere on the web. You can set this up through your Google account to send you notification of any words you want. It sends you a link to the site that used those words. I also have my name, the words 'free groceries', Berrien Springs, and my websites listed. You'd be surprised who is searching for you these days.

So, I just called the Kroger nearest me in Columbus, Ohio, and they confirmed they are running the triple coupon event this weekend. Coupons through 50 cents are tripled. That means a 50 cent coupon is worth $1.50. You can use unlimited coupons (one for each item), and online printed coupons are accepted.

I haven't checked to see what coupons I have to match any sales, but I'm sure there Good Deals and Free Meals in the 'isles' at Kroger right now.

This is how I stock up on grocery items for Pantry 309 and others that I share my goodies with.

By the way, the coupon inserts this Sunday (9/27/09) finally include Irish Spring coupons for my friend, Edith. The Irish Spring coupons are for 50 cents, so that means $1.50 off on Irish Spring soap at Krogers through Sunday!!! Call me quick, Edith.

There's also a coupon for free Friskies Natural Sensations cat treats, but my sister who has three cats including big Ringo whom I'm co-mama of, is getting my extra coupons for that.

There's lots more, but you can check out the coupons in the Sunday paper and hurry to Kroger before midnight on Sunday. Or, send me an e-mail with your requests for extra coupons.

Happy Krogering in Ohio,


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Ringo says thanks, I'll share with Buster & Bo. Love