Monday, September 28, 2009

Now It's K-Mart Offering Super Doubles Starting 9-27-09

It looks like I'm about 24-hours late on this one, but the Columbus, OH, K-Mart stores are offering doubles on coupons up to $2. A $2 coupon is worth $2. A $2 coupon (if one exists) is worth $4.

I called, and the lady said you can only use 10 coupons at a time, but it can be used for any item. (Not just certain departments like last time.) I guess this also means that a 50 cent coupons is worth $1 and so on.

I might take a run to the Olentangy store before rush hour as I'm in clinicals tomorrow all day.

My dog will be mad at me. She's lying outside enjoy the cool fall weather. Old Man Winter is just around the corner here in the Midwest!

Watch for falling leaves ~ and falling prices!

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