Sunday, September 06, 2009

No Coupons in Sunday Paper 9-6-09 but Free Deals Abound!

I hope you didn't already go out and buy the Sunday paper for the coupons. We get the paper delivered very early, so I jumped out of bed by 7:30 a.m. to make sure they didn't stick a surprise in there. Nope, nada. Not a coupon anywhere!

For those who collect and save coupons each week, I'm happy to report that in the Columbus, Ohio, area, there are some good deals around! Last night I made my well-planned trip to Meijer using Meijer coupons combined with manufactures' coupons. I got $54 dollars-worth of groceries for less than $10. That included FREE A-1 that my sister and her husband will be delighted to use as they cook out several times a week. Also, Chinet paper plates and bowls for only $.49. (49-cents!). Also, Miracle Whip Mayo for only $1 when two coupons were stacked. (The Meijer coupon and the manufactures' coupon).

I'm still using certain Ritz crackers' coupons that allow me a FREE box of Wheat Thins AND a free box of Ritz Crackerfuls when I buy one box of Ritz Crackers. Let's see if I can keep this experience simple... I've done this process at both Meijer and Kroger, so it does work. Ritz is on sale for $2.49 a box. Meijer has a Mealbox coupon (Meijer on-line coupons) for $1 off a box of Ritz. So, I get two boxes of Ritz and add two Meijer coupons for $1 off bringing that cost to $3 for two boxes of Ritz. I use my other coupons for the two extra free Wheat Thins and free Crackerfuls. (Six boxes of crackers for $3.)

Before checking out, I've already profiled the cashiers and selected a young man I hope will accept my word if the coupons hang up when he rings them in. He did question if I had purchased the Ritz crackers, and because I had a lot of coupons, I answered, "Yes sir, I did. I'm the coupon princess, so you can be sure I did this right." He didn't question another one.

Meijer starts new sales week today, and I plan to make use of my extra Barilla coupons. Piccolini and Angel Hair pasta (plus all the other types) will only cost about 30-cents a box! I thought last week's Giant Eagle sale of $1 a box was great, but Meijer has it on sale for 89-cents a box this week! Go figure! It usually sells for $1.69 a box at Kroger!

Pantry 309 has been able to offer extra good food last week including Barilla pasta, A-1, cheese, cereal, toilet paper and even some candy bars. Several of my classmates have really appreciated Pantry 309. I like it when they say God will bless me. It shows they are appreciative and that the joy of giving works both ways.

Take Care on the Journey,



The Cat's Meow said...

Thanks for ALL the good tips and I'm sure your Pantry brings joy to you and helps hungry folks in YOUR hometown fuller!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda- I have some free toothpaste to add to the pantry next time I see you please remind me to give it to you- I've had it for atleast a month now!! -Buffy