Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sunday Paper for 9-13-09 Full of Goodies. Five Coupon Inserts!

I love living near the city, but being able to enjoy a bit of nature outside our door. Today the birds are calling in the trees near my window, and one came close to whisper in my ear that this coming Sunday would be a great newspaper coupon day.

There will be two Smart Source booklets, two Red Plum and one Better At Home. (I don't recall seeing that one before.) She gave me a little peek inside, and I saw more coupons than even a pro like me could imagine. Everything but coupons for Irish Spring for my friend, Edith! (Maybe I didn't look carefully enough, so I'll check again.)

There are coupons for all my favorite things like frozen veges, pet food, shampoos, cleaning supplies, and more!

The USA Weekend that is also included in the Sunday paper has a nice little article on where to get the best up-to-date coupons with good online coupon links to check out.

The USA Weekend article called getting stuff for free "almost an extreme sport". In the SaveSmart story titled "Make the Most of Coupons", it lists several good coupon websites to check out. They are: , , and .

Having shared all that, the little birdie flew on to her Tennessee destination where she plans to soak up some last minute summer sun, play in the warm soaking spas, check out some mountain water falls, enjoy a small family reunion, and pick up some fall sunflower seeds to enjoy during the long, cold winter months in central Ohio.

Take Care on the Journey,


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