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Good Deals and Free Food Ideas From My Friend Buffy

I'm posting an e-mail I got from Buffy. (She is the wonderful friend who got me started couponing.) It looks like she went to a lot of work to provide great information on couponing and GREAT sales this week. She doesn't mind if I re-post it on my blog so more people can 'learn and earn'. I'm sorry I got it out so late. I had to work clinicals all day, but I had a great experience at Netcare!

(From Buffy...) OK, so there are some really good grocery deals at Meijer this week, some of which will only be valid on Saturday (one day only sale). Details below. I'm going to review coupon basics for the newbies on my coupon list.- if you are familiar, skip to the end.

NEW COUPONERS- don't get overwhelmed!! Its not as complicated as it sounds!!Basic rules of the game:
1. Match flyer deals with coupons at stores that will double your coupon value (upto $.99). Stores that will do this include: Giant Eagle, Meijer, Kroger.

2. Keep your weekly coupons organized by date- don't bother cutting all coupons out.

3. If you find good coupons for items you use- try to collect at least 5 or 6 so that when it goes on sale and you can get it cheap, you can stock 5-6 of them to get you through until that item has a good deal/coupons again. Yes, this may mean purchasing 5-6 Sunday papers (Or ask me ((Linda)) if I have extra coupons for that product. I often do!!!) But if you get good at it, you'll more than make your $$ back.

4. When going through grocery store, look for coupons hanging on blinkie (dispensers) or on a tear pad. COLLECT THEM IF YOU USE THAT PRODUCT EVEN IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO BUY THAT DAY. You can use these at any store and any day until it expires.

5. Use this site: but don't get overwhelmed by the TONS of info on the site. I use the "coupon data base" which you just type in the product name and it will tell you if there are coupons out there for that item and where to find them. For instance, if I want Betty Crocker fruit snacks, type in betty crocker and it will tell you where to find coupons, how much coupon is worth etc. The only other thing I use this site for, is under "resources" you can print Meijer/Target coupons off their site.

6. Meijer will only double 2 of the same coupon per order. BUT, you CAN use a regular coupon WITH a Meijer at Meijer if you find an item that you have a newspaper coupon for and there is a Meijer store coupon for that item, you can use 2 coupons on one item- this is how I get lots of free or very cheap stuff at Meijer. (and you can ask them to run a second transaction if you want to get more than 2 of the item with coupons).7. Kroger just started limiting you to using 5 of the same coupon per order.

8. I use to order coupons that I want to stock up on. For instance last week at Meijer they had lunchables on sale for $1- I found $1/off coupons on this site, ordered 20 (paid around $.10 per coupon) and got the lunchables for free after the coupons. Coupons take a few days to arrive so I usually try to do the matchups I'm sending below at the beginning of the week so I can order what I need and get them before that week's sale ends.

9. When printing an online coupon- if you hit the back arrow and then refresh after it finishes printing, it will re-print so that you can get 2 coupons per computer. If you have access to more than one computer (say desktop and laptop) you can print off of each for additional coupons that way as well.

10. Coupons come usually in 3 different inserts on Sundays. Smart Source (name at top of coupon packet) is appreviated "SS". Red Plum "RP" and Proctor and Gamble "PG". So if I mark after an item (9/13 RP) that means you can find that coupon in the Sept. 13th RP. This is why you want to organize coupons by date. Then all you have to do is go to that week's folder, find the Red Plum and cut the coupon needed.

11. Other short hand notes: $1/4 means $1 off when you buy 4. $.50/2 means $.50 off when you buy 2.

12. Lots of good coupons can be printed at:

13. Sometimes you have to sign up at sites to get coupons- I will usually give my real name/address but not my real phone number. I also created a coupon email account that I use to get coupons sent to so it doesn't flood my real account.

14. Watch the cashiers to make sure they scan each of your coupons- they OFTEN make mistakes!

15. Below is the lists I will generally send out to everyone on my coupon list. If you ever want to be removed, just let me know!


1. Saturday ONLY! Betty crocker fruit snacks $.99- $.40/1 coupon from 9/13 SS (or you can print some here: after they double that (only 2 will double per transaction)= $.20/box. EVEN BETTER THOUGH- if you print a Meijer coupon here ( for $1/2 and use WITH your 2 coupons from 9/13 SS, they would be FREE!! If you want more than 2 boxes, you can still print as many of the coupons from the second link provided to get as many boxes as you'd like for $.50/each which is still a good deal!

2. Chex Mix. $1.19/bag. Coupons at for $.50/1 after doubled would be $.19/bag. Don't forget to hit back arrow and refresh and print 2 so you can get 2 bags at this price! There are also other coupons for chex mix $1/2 in the 9/13 SS but that wouldn't be as good of a deal.

3. Betty Crocker supreme brownie mix. $1.79. Coupons at the same link posted above for num. 2 for $.75/2. After doubled that would mean 2 boxes for $1.04/each. Not bad price.

4. Off the bone prepackaged lunch meat. $1.99/each. to print coupon for B1G1 free to make this a great deal on lunch meat! $1/each. Don't forget to use back arrow and then refresh to print 2!

5. Lady speedstick deodorant $1.99. There are $.75/off coupons from last weeks paper (9/27 SS) to make this $.50 for deodorant.

6. Green Giant Veggies $1/each. There are $.50/1 coupons from the 9/13 SS that would make these FREE veggies!! after that coupon is doubled. The coupon can also be printed here: remember to back arrow/refresh to print 2. REMINDER- Meijer will only double 2 per order, so if you have 4 coupons and want 4 bags- have them ring them as a separate order!

7. Betty crocker frosting $1.49. Use $.50/1 coupon at after they double that would be $.50/each but there are also Meijer store coupons at for $1/2 so if you use the 2 coupons from the first link and 1 coupon from the second, you will get 2 frostings for FREE!

8. Betty crocker warm delights $1.49. Use $.50/1 coupons from (or sunday paper but can't find the date) to make the $.50 and if you use the Meijer store coupon from for $1/2 you will get FREE!! So, use your 2 coupons from the first link with one Meijer coupon from the second link and you will get 2 free warm delights.

Other good deals at meijer without coupons:

1. Apples $.88/pound2. Grapes $.87/pound3. Creamette pasta $.79/box4. OK (not great) deal on diet pepsi $2.96/12 pack if you like Diet Pepsi. ----------------------------------------

KROGER:Didn't have many good matchups but don't forget if you order coupons from for angel soft toilet paper (use the search box)- (coupon says for 6 count package) for $.50/each...Kroger always has 4pack rolls for $.99 and these coupons work for the 4pack so after Kroger doubles your $.50/off coupon- that is how you get FREE toilet paper! You can only order 10 of these coupons from this site at a time and Kroger will only let you use 5 at each transaction...but its FREE TP! I haven't paid for TP in almost a year from this method!

Kroger also has bread products on sale for $1.--------------------------------------------------------------

NEW PEOPLE- If you have ANY questions, problems, or need coupons you don't have- EMAIL ME!!! I have some extra coupons I can give ya! I work all day Sat. so I probably won't get to meijer to do these deals so you can have my coupons if you'd like. Also, I would open new links on your computer and keep the links I have posted in this email open while getting your coupons ready for your shopping trip- and, I'd save them to your "favorites" for future use. Its a rush when you walk out of the store with a cart full of stuff you only paid pennies on the dollar for! EVERYONE- If you can't get to the store for these deals, don't worry- I'll be doing more matchups once next week's ads come out and I'll send those out as well. Hope this helps!!!Buffy

You Go, Buffy!
Thanks a million,


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