Monday, October 19, 2009

Nobody Should Go Hungry This Week

My friend, Buffy, has done it again! Boy do I wish I had time to go shopping this week! Check out the great deals Buffy found in the Columbus area. She has included sites where you can go to and print out your own coupons including the Meijer coupons you can 'stack" with the manufactures' coupon. If you need additional coupons, remember you can ask me, but be sure to include the insert information. (Example: 9/13 SS)

Meijer deals: Meijer store coupons here:

1.Campbells Chicken noodle or tomato soup $.59-$.50/2 (9/13 SS)= $.09 each

2. Hot pockets/lean pockets $1.89- $.75/1 coupons (available for purchase at $.39/each.

3. Off the bone lunch meat $2.69- B1G1 coupon that was online (has since been removed), if you have that coupon from a couple weeks ago= $$1.35/each.

4. Aunt Millie's bread $1- $.55/1 ( FREE bread!

5. Manwich $.89/each- B2G1 (All You Magazine Sept. 2009)= $1.80/3 or $.60/each
6. Hunt's canned tomatoes $.79-$.50/2
( $.29/each

7. Barilla Pasta $.89-$.50/2 (8/23 SS)= $.39/each + Meijer $1/3 coupon= $.06/each for 3, $.39 for the 4th. Use 2 of the insert coupons and 1 Meijer coupon- get 4 total boxes.

8. Keebler cookies $1.69- $1.50/2 ( use zip code 48506)= $.95/each

9. Hostess cupcakes/twinkies $2.49- $.50/1 (10/11 RP)= $1.49/each

10. Totinos pizza rolls $.99- $.40/2 (9/13 GM)= $.59/each

11. Tyson bagged chicken $3.99-$1/1 (10/11 SS)- Meijer store coupon $1/1 = $1.99/bag but you can only use 1 Meijer coupon per transaction so if you want more than one do separate transaction!

12.Hormel fully cooked entrees $3.99-$1/1- Meijer store coupon $1/2= $2.50/each

13. Velveeta shells $1.50- Meijer store coupon $1/2= $1/box

14. Kraft salad dressing $1.58- $1/1 Meijer store coupon= $.58/each

15. Kraft Mayo $1.99- Meijer store coupon $1/1= $.99/each

16. Kraft Shake and Bake $1.69-Meijer store coupon $1/2= $1.19/each

17. Red barron singles frozen pizzas $2.99-$1/1 (9/20 SS or 10/18 SS)= $1.99 each

18. Sure deodorant $1.84- $1.50/1 (10/18 SS)= $.34/each

19. Colgate toothpaste 3 for $5- $.75/1- (use 2 of these) (10/11 SS)- $1/1 (10/11 SS)- Meijer coupon $1/3= 3 Free tubes!

20. Crest toothpaste (select varieties) $1.66-$.75/1 (10/11 PG)= $.16/eachOther decent deals:2 gallon milk $1.75- pretty good price if you need it

KROGER:1. Heinz grave $.91 (when you buy 10 participating items and get 11th free)- $1/3 ( $.58/each

2. Dole tropical fruit cans $.91 (when you buy 10 participating items and get 11th free)- $.55/2 (7/19 SS)= $.36/each

3. Campbell's soup $.91 (when you buy 10 participating items and get 11th free) $.91- $.50/2 (9/13 SS)= $.39/each

4. Michelina lean meals $.78- $1/5 ( $.58/each lots of other decent deals in the $10/10 get 11th item free deals.

That's all I see...but I'm exhausted so don't hold me accountable if I missed anything or messed anything up! Lol Buffy

Shop With A Smile...


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Heather Prenger said...

Linda, so much helpful info hear, love it! I subscribed! Sorry I missed you at the office, I had a few deadlines I had to finish. I hope school is going well, i'm sure it is! That is nice your friend is contributing to your site! I picked up 2 bags of free veggies thanks to your tip! If you have any extra veggie coupons let me know. If not, no worries.