Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Deals and Free Meals This Week

I feel like I've been delinquent here because it's been a week or so since I posted the best deals in town. Besides many hours of clinicals and a heavy school load (just ask my classmates) my furry 'baby', Sheba is very sick and has taken many hours of my time day and night to try and keep her comfortable in her last hours. (Yes, it's really sad at our house, these days.) We lost our other dog, our Golden Retriever in the summer. Both were getting old.

Only if you are a real pet lover, can you imagine me lying on the floor next to Sheba as she moans and groans in pain during the night. Petting her tummy seems to help a little. She used to jump up on the bed when she wanted comfort, but she's too weak and in too much pain for us to get her on the bed now. The vet has given us several meds, but none seem to help even though I've given more than what was prescribed. We haven't had more than a couple hours of sleep at a time at our house in a couple weeks now.

As I've checked the Giant Eagle sales in Columbus this week, here are a couple good deals - and I have extra coupons for most.

Betty Crocker Potatoes are .50 cents a box with coupon.
Honey Nut Cheerios .40 cents a box with .55 cent coupon doubled.
Progresso Soup is free with a couple coupons that I downloaded and printed online.
Chef BAD (can't spell that word) pasta is .60 cents with $1/2 coupon.
Bird's Eye frozen veges are free with .50 cent coupon that is doubled at Giant Eagle.
Heinz Ketsup is .40 with coupon.

No triple coupons going on at this time that I know of.

E-mail me if you would like some coupons. Include your address if you want me to put them in the mail.

The best of shopping to you!



The Cat's Meow said...

Star & I send our love to Sheba. I know its hard takeing care of your loveone when theres not much you can do for them. Stars so spoiled he under the HOT blankie from the fryer, she had cold ears.
I need coupons from this week SS; land o lakes butterspread, Don fran. coffee; birds eye steamfresh.
Love ya

Colleen said...

Hi Linda,

I send you and Sheba a big hug each!! Sorry to hear that she's not feeling well, that's gotta be really hard on you. Our thoughts are with you.