Friday, February 13, 2009

WalMart Doesn't Double Coupons

A quick trip to WalMart today to pick up some 'trail sizes' that I had coupons for was disappointing because the coupons were not doubled. I found some trial size Wet Wipes and Tide Laundry soap that only cost a few cents with my cents-off coupons.

Crest toothpaste cost 6-cents after my $1.00 coupons that were in the Sunday paper. I think WalMart is the only store that has the $1.06 size of Crest toothpaste. Jim's favorite.

A tube of Suave hand cream was free with a $1.00 off coupon because the regular cost is 97-cents. (Bottom shelf).

Celestial Tea wasn't on sale but I have 12 coupons worth $1 off each, so I got a box to see if it would really work. The box of tea was $2.23 before the coupon bringing the cost to $1.23. I'm waiting for someone to have it on sale for $1.88 a box. Hopefully before my coupons expire!

I really thought WalMart doubled the coupons but the cashier said they don't, and I never argue with them at that point.

Anyway, it was worth it because I found a cute, big, red, Teddy Bear that says I Love You for hubby for Valentines. (We agree that I get the Teddy Bears and he gets the roses.)

Besides the Teddy Bear, I spent less than $2 at WalMart and got a bag full of items. Never give up! I'm always learning.

Keep reading for the specials at Meijers today.


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